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Deterioration of Turbine Lube Oil

July 11,2017.

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Turbine oil in the operation due to temperature, air, moisture and various factors, oil to gradually oxidation, under normal circumstances, oil quality should be a slow process of deterioration. While the speed of deterioration of No. 5 oil is amazing. Through the oil quality analysis and oil system inspection, to confirm the cause of oil quality deterioration of the main three points:


There is no T501 antioxidant in the oil that is a major cause of oil quality deterioration. In order to prevent the oil from deteriorating during operation, the new oil and the running oil must contain a certain amount of T501 antioxidant in accordance with the requirements of the Ministerial Guidelines for Turbine Oil Maintenance. The role of T501 is to be used in the early stage of oxidation. Accelerate the deterioration of the active free radicals and peroxide reaction to form a stable compound, thus preventing the oil itself from the catalytic degradation process. And 5 new oil does not contain T501 antioxidants, in the initial operation of the unit and failed to add, resulting in the catalytic deterioration of oil.


The oil system contains metal particles

By analyzing the oil, it was found that the oil contained metal particles. The metal particles are a catalyst that catalyzes the deterioration of the oil. The source of the metal particles is due to the incomplete handling and flushing of the oil system.


There is a local hot spot in the oil system

The oil circulation system outside a thorough inspection and found in the main oil pump, oil return casing on the existence of a large hot spots, local temperature up to 130 ℃ or so. The existence of local hot spots can accelerate the oxidation process of oil, oxidation deterioration occurs. The hot spot is due to the adjacent high-pressure steam pipe local insulation lax, caused by thermal radiation.

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