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DHP-200(200m3/h) Dry Air Generator Sales to Indonesia Power Station

October 16,2019.

In Oct. 2019, ACORE company sales a set of Dry Air Generator DHP-200(200m3/h) to a Indonesia Power Station in Surabaya. DHP dry air generator is suitable for supplying dry air to transformers and reactors during maintenance. It provides high-purity dry air with a dew point of up to -70°C, which can replace traditional hot oil circulation, nitrogen supplementation, vacuum evacuation, etc. it is more efficient, economical, safe and environmental. DHP Dry Air Generator can ensure that the internal insulation of the electrical equipment will not be damp, and the maintenance person will not suffocate due to lack of oxygen when working inside the equipment. When using the dry air generator for electric equipment maintenance, it can be free from the influence of external weather conditions, especially overnight operation.

Please go to https://youtu.be/JQ1_iJWCS8Q for watch working video of DHP-200 dry air generator.


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