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DVTP50(3000L/H) Transformer Oil Purifier Sales to Indonesia Supplier

July 1,2021.

DVTP50(3000 liters per hour) Double Stages High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier sales to Indonesia supplier in May, 2021. The Oil Purifier Machine has unique process and advanced technology, and is widely used in power plants, power stations, power companies, metallurgy, petrochemicals, machinery, transportation, railways and other industries. DVTP50 Transformer Oil Purifier is mainly used for online or off-line purification of transformer oil.

In order to meet the needs of the power maintenance department for on-site maintenance of various high and low voltage power equipment, DVTP series Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Machine has following features:

1. Fully automatic operation with small size and light weight.
2. The design of vacuum oil water and oil gas separator. The use of vacuum to feed the oil and the installation of a tubular rotary injector reduces resistance, speeds up the rotation, and increases the effect of oil and gas separation.
3. The regeneration and purification function of spoiled oil has been added on the Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier.
4. One machine has multiple functions. This is an important feature of Transformer Oil Filtration Machine. Such as oil filling, oil transferring, vacuum drying and hot oil circulating.

Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier Transformer Oil Filtration Machine

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