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DYC Online Load Tap Charge Oil Filter

April 25,2017.

Regular switching convsersion app of transformer load faucet changer generates free co2 and numerous solids, these people pollute the burden tap corriger oil. At the same time, the essential oil absorbs dampness, so that padding pressure associated with oil decreases and drinking water content raises, the efficiency performance regarding load touch changer diminishes, further boosts pollution as well as brings a poor cycle. Therefore in order to resolve this problem, all of us design and also produce on the internet transformer load tap charge oil filter machine

Our DYC online load tap charge oil filter machine can functions automatically whenever transformers is actually running, very low sensor to check on solids along with moisture content material, when they achieve the establishing index, the actual oil air cleaner will instantly run in addition to remove shades and h2o, restore tap-oil dielectric power and performance, improve there OLTC operation security, reliability, significantly reducing the particular transformer outage times plus improve dependability.

DYC load tap charge oil filter machine may completely fix the problem involving insulating  oil easily deconstructed, aging, air pollution of totally free carbon and even metal particles, breakdown attention reducing together with dielectric attributes deteriorating

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