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Electric Appliances Of Vacuum Insulating Oil Purifier

April 25,2017.

During working of electric equipment, why we should use insulating oil purifier to purify dielectric oil. Firstly, insulation materials are those materials that act as a barrier for electricity conduction. Insulation materials or simply electrical insulation is of prime importance in area of utility of Electric appliances, be it a home appliance operating on 110VAC/230VAC or an industrial equipment operating on 380VAC/415VAC or electrical high voltage devices like the transformers, transmission lines, circuit breakers and like.

As the power levels scale up, the internal insulation levels of devices, become more crucial and decisive factor for the life of the device. Devices like transformers and motor-generators require a good insulation for robust electrical performance.

Water is abundantly present in the atmosphere in form of water vapour.  Insulation material like paper, insulating oils, wood etc. have natural tendency to absorb water. Water is a good conductor of electricity and if absorbed by the insulation of the device weakens the insulation.

When a device with a weak insulation is put in operation, the electric pressure (voltage) may break the insulation barrier for the current resulting in heavy inrush of electric current  which the device may not be able to withstand and eventually break down. In case the device happens to be a part of the system, this may result in failure of the system.

For improve the insulation performance, we can use vacuum insulating oil purifier to do proper purifying, so that it can ensure a proper insulation of the electrical devices to assure non-failure of the electric equipment.

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