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How to Choose Right Filter Elements for Oil Purifiers

May 13,2017.

  According to different filtration precision, filter elements of Oil Purifiers are divided coarse filters, ordinary filters, precision filters, special fine filter etc., they can remove 100μm, 10 ~ 100 μm, 5 to 10 μm and 1 to 5 μm impurities.

2. When choosing filter elements of oil purifiers, we should consider following conditions:

(1) Filters accuracy should meet the required requirements.

(2) Keeping a sufficient flow capacity for a long time

 (3) Filter has enough strength, not because of the role of hydraulic damage.

(4) Filter corrosion resistance, and can work at a specified temperature for a long time.

(5) Filter cleaning and easy to replace.

3. Installation of filter elements of oil purifiers

(1) To be installed in the suction port of the pump:

Pump oil suction circuit is generally installed with a surface type oil filter, the purpose is to filter out the larger impurity particles to protect the hydraulic pump, in addition to the filter capacity of the filter should be more than twice the pump flow, the pressure loss is less than 0.02MPa.

(2) Installed in the pump outlet oil:

The purpose of the oil filter installed here is to filter out contaminants that may penetrate valves and other components. Its filtration accuracy should be 10 ~ 15μm, and can withstand the working pressure on the oil and the impact pressure, the pressure drop should be less than 0.35MPa. At the same time should be installed safety valve to prevent the filter plug.

(3) Installed in the system on the oil return: this installation from the indirect filtering effect. Generally with the filter and even install a back pressure valve, when the filter block to a certain pressure value, the back pressure valve open.

(4) Installed in the system branch oil.

(5) Separate filtration system: large hydraulic system Chongqing oil filter can be set up a hydraulic pump and oil filter composed of independent filter circuit.

In addition to the entire system required for the oil system, but also often in some important components (such as servo valves, precision throttle valve, etc.) in front of a separate installation of a dedicated fine filter to ensure their normal work.


4. Materials of Filter Elements of Oil Purifiers:

(1). Filter by the patented fiber and resin made through a unique process. With a fixed structure of the gap, the filter without shedding. The intercepted contaminating particles do not cause "discharge" due to the pressure difference and the pulsation of the flow rate.

(2). By using the table and in the direction of flow gradually reduce the gradient of filter elements of oil purifiers. Layered to intercept different sizes of contaminated particles. To achieve deep foul. Thus greatly improving the service life.

(3.) The use of spiral belt to strengthen the support to ensure the stability of the filter elements of oil purifiers.

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