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Operation for Online Oil Filtration Machine of Energized Transformers

May 16,2022.

Transformers covert power to suitable levels with regard to other products to safely utilize. Transformers have to be maintained to ensure long life. Furthermore, a good quality transformer oil is essential for transformer to supply efficient overall performance. Within the long-term usage of transformer oil, it really is constantly impacted by electric area, high temperature, water and gas. Insulating oil will be contaminated to different gas, water and impurities. So online or offline oil filtration process is very necessary for keep performace of trasnformers. Following is introduction for Operation of Acore's DVTP Transformer Oil Purifier for Energized Transformers Online Oil Filtration:

1. close inlet valveand outlet valve of transformer and open inlet valve and outlet valve of machine.

2. change machine to vacuum pump mode, and start vacuum pump to making vacuum more than 5 mins.

3. open inner recycle valve of machine

4. close outlet valve of machine and change machine to oil purifier mode

5. open outlet valve of transformer slowly.

6. let machine do inner recycling purification until temperature increase 60 C and ppm down to 10 ppm.

7. open inlet valve of transformer 1/3, and close inner recycle valve 1/3. then open outlet valve of machine slowly. (why must slowly? because transformer is on power. if oil flow into and out of transformer too fast. it will bring dangers)

8. After transformer is stable, you can open inlet valve of transformer bigger. and close inner recycle half.

9. We don't suggest close inner recycle valve completely, which avoid the pressure of oil flowing into machine is big.

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