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Purifying Method of Transformer Insulating Oils

September 2,2017.

Purifying method of transformer insulating oil is generally divided into sedimentation method, pressure filtration and vacuum purification.


1. Settlement Method

The sedimentation method, also known as the gravity sedimentation method, is the use of turbid liquid in the solid and liquid particles by gravity and the principle of sedimentation to remove the mixed sludge and free water. Purification with sedimentation method is simple and easy. But this method is not complete purifying, so the general settlement method can only be used as a pre-treatment, this purifying process to shorten the time and ensure the quality of purification, also reduce the cost of oil purifying.


2) Pressure Filtration

Pressure filtration method used by the equipment called pressure filter, also known as frame plate press filter. It uses gear pump, so that oil through the adsorption and filtration of the filter paper, the moisture, fine impurities and water-soluble acid substances removed, so that the oil can be purified.

Use the pressure type oil purifying should pay attention to the following questions.

The filter paper should be dried before use, which can improve the performance of the filter paper to absorb moisture. At the same time filter paper in the baking to be particularly careful to avoid fire.

If the oil contains a lot of water and impurities, the oil should be first by sedimentation or centrifugal oil filter treatment, and then pressure filter.

In the filter to avoid the filter paper fiber into the oil, in the beginning of the oil filter within 5 ~ 10min, the oil filter oil should be re-lead to the pump inlet for recycling filter.

To reduce the viscosity, improve the filtration rate and efficiency, the oil temperature should be increased to 40 ~ 45 ℃.


3) Vacuum Purification

Vacuum purification is through the vacuum Oil Purifying Machine, that is, oil in high vacuum and not too high temperature atomizing, off the oil in the trace of water and gas. Because the vacuum oil filter also has a filter, it can also remove a part of solid impurities. It is not only more economical than the pressure filter, and the degree of purification and efficiency is also high. It can be removed from the trace of water in the oil, the maximum increase in the strength of insulating oil, reducing fuel consumption. 

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