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Repair and Maintenance of Oil Purification Machine

June 3,2017.

  1. During working, as the oil contains moisture, after heating, it will bring foam in vacuum tank of Oil Purification Machine. So in order to reduce foam, we should open the air valve.

  2. Vacuum tank can’t reach -0.096MPa, the oil in the water, water vapor partial pressure, filter several times can be resolved; or vacuum pump water, vacuum does not go, to change the pump oil; or vacuum pump wear or scratches leak to repair; or use the regional altitude, the pressure itself is not normal, pay special attention to enter the pipeline leak, to find a solution.

  3. Work pressure is too high, the general working pressure of about 0.1-0.3MPa, such as the working pressure 0.6 MPa, the reason: the viscosity of oil, to reduce the viscosity of heating. Or oil piping on the valve is not fully open or too small, or fine filter elements used for a long time, oil impurities to clean up the replacement of oil filter paper. 0.6MPa pressure is the rated working pressure of the motor, more than 0.6MPa pressure is not allowed for a long time.

  4. Oil pump and vacuum pump motor, the surface temperature 70 , such as overheating because the oil temperature is low, the working pressure is greater than 0.6MPa.

  5. Vacuum pump fuel, high oil temperature or by the impact of the atmosphere, resulting in the proliferation of oil molecules, but does not affect the use.

  6. Spray the wing does not turn, there are dirt stuck, stop or turn when the rotation of a position, do not turn the wing does not affect the dehydration, degassing requirements.

  7. Electrical failure consults the electrician according to the schematic.

  8. Thermometer or thermostat failure, the reason: the micro-hole line clogging or the boiling point of liquid run away, need to change parts.

  9. In some cases, sometimes the pressure gauge, vacuum table failure to be replaced.

  10. If the ammeter does not damage when there are three imbalances, the heating tube may be burned out to be replaced.

  11. When the rainy day work, the electrical cabinet to rain.

  12. Regardless of winter and summer after the use of the container to put the oil and water.

  Inspection of Oil Purification Machine

  1. Check the oil machine electrical equipment (various types of meter) should be carried out by the test unit on a regular basis to test, qualified before put into use. 1.2 machine placement is smooth, try to check can’t have a swing, vibration.

  3. Check the inlet and outlet tubing is correct, whether the external pipe is installed firmly, hose and metal pipe joints are applied monkey hoop tight, to prevent the oil pipeline running off the measures.

  4. Check whether the external power supply is correct, then the power cable is able to meet the capacity requirements of the oil purification machine.

  5. Check the machine housing should be reliably grounded.

  6. Check that all rotating parts should be free of jamming.

  7. To test, check the pump, vacuum pump and other motor steering should meet the requirements.

  8. Check whether the cooling water connection is reliable and the waterway should be open.

  9. Check the site configuration Oil Purification Machine fire extinguishing equipment is in line with the requirements.

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