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Application of Light Fuel -ACORE Oil Purifiers Machine

August 8,2017.

In the aviation field, the quality of light fuel is an important part of flight safety, but also an important system to ensure flight safety. Once the fuel is contaminated, it will affect the aircraft's fuel system to work properly, thus affecting the fuel flow and quality indicators, to the engine fuel system, the engine parts and components of the normal work of the difficulties, resulting in reduced engine performance, work is not normal, Even the occurrence of air parking, flight safety will bring disastrous consequences.


Main pollution of Light fuel is water pollution, pollution and other impurities.


Light fuel contains a trace of moisture, because the characteristics of aviation fuel itself with water absorption, when it is in contact with air, the air will naturally enter the fuel system. The normal use of fuel should be light yellow transparent liquid, fuel from the fuel tank, in the glass container inspection, should not see the water, precipitation, suspended solids and other impurities. Contaminated fuel can affect the performance of the fuel itself, but also affect the aircraft engine fuel system normal work, thus affecting the aircraft flight safety.


Light Fuel Oil Purifier can be used for aviation fuel, gasoline, kerosene, diesel and other light oil purification, removal of oil in the water and impurities, to extend the life of the fuel tank to improve fuel efficiency. Is the ideal equipment for oil depots and oil storage station.


The Light Fuel Oil Purifier consists of coarse filter system, secondary filter system, fine filter system and coalescence separation chamber, oil pump and circuit control system.

1) Filtration and dehydration function, removing the corresponding oil in the emulsified water, free water, impurities.

2) separate filter oil, used as a tanker; its working principle is: the oil flow through the special high efficiency filter, through the filter from the table and in the flow direction gradually narrowing the gradual pore structure, layered interception of different sizes of pollution Particles, to maximize the filter to improve the service life and filtration efficiency.

3) Set the internal circulation to facilitate the replacement of coalescence separation filter.


Principle of Light Fuel Oil Purifier

Oil in the system first into the coarse filter system, the treatment, large particles of impurities are removed to protect the pump is not damaged, after the oil was pumped into the secondary filtration system, processed into the coalescence chamber of the coalescence filter, Due to the unique polar molecular structure of the coalescing filter material, the free water in the oil and the emulsified water coalesce into the larger water droplets after passing through the filter element and sink to the storage tank under the action of gravity. The fine water molecules follow the oil to the separation filter under inertia. The separation filter is made of a special hydrophobic material. When the oil passes, the fine water molecules are blocked outside the filter element and are collected from each other and finally discharged into the storage tank in the lower part of the coalescing chamber. After the oil has been dehydrated, the fine filter system is introduced to ensure that the oil cleanliness of the tank entering the tank reaches the design standard.

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