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Lubricating Oil Inspection and Filtration -ACORE Oil Purifier

August 12,2017.

Lubricating oil in the use and transportation process often occurs in the aging phenomenon. The quality of oil can generally be tested by the following aspects:

1. Dumping

Take a little lubricants, placed in a clean container to the mouth of the lubricating oil slowly pouring, while looking down the flow of lubricants, such as oil slender and uniform and shiny, indicating that there is no impurities in the oil and moisture , Can continue to use. Such as oil intermittent, uneven thickness, oil flow black, you should replace the oil.

This method can also be used for the identification of new lubricants, the new oil after the purchase, open the bottle cap, the oil into the cap into a little, the same from the bottle and then slowly pouring into the oil tank, such as oil Flow slender and uniform and shiny, gently blowing with the mouth, the oil will become fine filament fly out, then the oil is at least not false, which is often said that "pull thin", "pull Fine "the longer, indicating that the better the quality of lubricants, of course, hand can also be" pull "check, do not elaborate in this


2. Inspection by hand

Take a little lubricating oil, repeated twist with your fingers, such as feeling obvious impurities or poor viscosity (novice feel less sensitive to the viscosity can be used to compare the new lubricants), you should replace the oil.


Introduced four commonly used lubricating oil aging identification method:

3. Droplets

Take a clean white paper, unscrew the oil ruler, drop a drop on the white paper, after careful observation, the general oil droplets in the white paper will have the following performance:

a. If there are more drops in the middle of the oil droplets and ink droplets have more carbon particles of debris, indicating that the oil has begun to aging, can be used as appropriate

b. If there is a small drop in the middle of the ink droplets and ink drops light, but surrounded by yellow translucent, indicating that lubricants can continue to use;

c. If the oil droplets are yellow and translucent, indicating that the quality of lubricants can be used normally;

d. If the ink droplets drop large and black, indicating that the oil has been aging, should be replaced immediately.


In order to protect the locomotive running, while saving costs, so that a large number of aging lubricants turn waste into treasure, we can use lubricating oil purifier to renew used oil.


Lubricating Oil Purifier can quickly remove water, gas and impurities in the oil and other harmful ingredients to improve the lubricating properties of oil to reduce the oil due to excessive moisture or impurities in the oil equipment, corrosion or Corrosion, extend the service life of oil equipment.


During working of Lubricating Oil Purifier, the oil under the action of the pressure inside and outside the first through the inlet into the heater for heat exchange heating, after heating the oil to continue the filter, large particles of impurities were filtered, after the oil pressure in the pressure under the effect of continued into the special personalized water separator, due to the use of enhanced hydrophobic technology, changing the interaction between oil molecules and water molecules, so that the oil in the small water droplets to accelerate the movement, and coalescence into a large water droplets separated from the oil precipitation, precipitation in the reservoir was discharged, oil into the oil separator vacuum separator to form a mist, and then form a film, So that its contact area in the vacuum expanded to the original hundreds of times.


The water contained in the oil is rapidly vaporized under the conditions of high heat, high vacuum, large surface and high pumping speed and discharged by the vacuum system of the Lubricating Oil Purifier. The oil after dehydration and degassing is pumped by the oil pump Secondary filter, fine particles of impurities are filtered; oil under pressure to continue into the filter of the fine filter, which is a composite micro-porous structure of the filter material, can effectively filter out the ultra fine particles in the oil The last oil flow through the oil out of the oil is clean oil, thus completing the entire oil purifying process.

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