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Mobile Transformer Oil Filtration Machine
ACORE Mobile Portable Transformer Oil Filtration Machine in China May 20,2019.

Application: ACORE Mobile Transformer Oil Filtration Machine is widely used in power plants, power stations, power companies, substation industries, railways and other industries, especially for on-site onliine working of large substations above 110KV, and doing filtration processing of high-grade new oil, ultra-high pressure transformer oil and other oils.

ACORE Mobile transformer oil filtration machine adopts two-stage high vacuum large pumping speed system, which can remove harmful components such as moisture, gas and impurities in oil quickly and efficiently, and improve the compressive strength of insulating oil. Meanwhile, It can meet the vacuum pumping and vacuum oil filling of the transformer on site.

The Portable Transformer Oil Filtration Machine adopts ultra-high precision filtration system, step by step encryption, can quickly and effectively remove mechanical impurities in oil. The filter material has strong corrosion resistance, large amount of dirt, high mechanical strength and durability. Automatic constant temperature system, automatic liquid level control system, automatic pressure protection system, automatic defoaming control system to ensure high performance operation of equipment.

Working principle:

The working of the mobile transformer oil filtration machine is that the oil to be filtered enters the strong magnetic filter under the action of vacuum suction (filtering accuracy: 0μ), filters out large particles of impurities, and then enters the heater for heating (20°-80°), heat The oil changes from a semi-arc atomizer to a coarse mist into a three-dimensional vacuum flash tower, and the water begins to evaporate, and the oil mist falls onto the three-dimensional flashing Pall ring.

A very thin oil film (thickness of 0.025 mm) is formed, and the oil film curve moves downward, resulting in a large aeration area and a time retention process of aeration, thereby performing a sufficient separation process of demulsification, dehydration, and degassing. Evaporated water vapor. a mixed gas formed by a gas such as a light glow enters the moisture separation device,

The water under the sediment enters the drain and is discharged, and the non-condensable gas is discharged through the vacuum pump. The oil dehydrated and degassed under the action of the oil pump, through a secondary filter (filtering accuracy 15μ), a three-stage filter (filtration accuracy 5μ) to filter out very fine mechanical impurities, complete a working cycle. In addition, the vacuum system of mobile transformer oil filtration machine can vacuum other equipment through the vacuum pumping interface.

The Vacuum Oil Filtration Machine is a single machine without any auxiliary mechanical equipment. It uses the saturated temperature curve of water and vacuum drying principle to carry out three-dimensional, multi-layer rapid evaporation and high-efficiency oil-water separation technology. Multi-stage large-flux deep-level precision filtration Reliably remove harmful substances such as moisture, impurities and gases from inferior oil, and quickly restore the performance of oil quality, so that the treated oil can reach the standard of use.

Oil Filtering System:

Configure oil filtering pressure protection device

It can automatically detect the pollution degree of the filter element and remind the operator to clean the filter.

Prevent overpressure from damaging the filter element, resulting in increased cost of use and ensuring the safety of the filtration system.

Multi-stage filtering is step-by-step encryption, with large amount of dirt and high filtration precision, which can effectively remove mechanical impurities in oil. The oil first passes through a strong magnetic filter; it consists of a permanent magnetic material and a stainless steel mesh, which is good for adsorbing large particles of impurities in the oil and to a very small metal end. The amount of dirt is large and permanent, and it only needs to be replaced without cleaning.

The oil purified by the secondary filter is greatly reduced in pollution, which ensures the internal components of the system, such as pipelines. The degassing system is always kept clean, and will not be operated in a polluted environment for a long time, and the flow resistance will be increased, so that the equipment can not operate normally, and the maintenance of the system is truly realized.

The filter area of the filter element is 25 times of the rated flow rate, which greatly improves the filtration amount of the oil and reduces the number of cleaning of the filter element.

The filter structure of Portable Transformer Oil Filtration Machine adopts quick change mode, the filter core is convenient to be disassembled and washed, and the service life is long. The O-ring seal is added at the screw thread interface to further ensure the filtration precision.

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