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Vacuum Insulating Oil Purifier
ACORE Online Vacuum Insulating Oil Purifier October 16,2017.

ACORE Online Vacuum Insulating Oil Purifier is designed to clean the on-load transformer oil.

With the dehydration, degassing and filtration procedure, the mixed water, contained gases as well as particles is easy to remove completely in order to upgrade the actual properties associated with transformer insulation oil.

Along with special device and interlock safety program equipped, ACORE on-line Vacuum Insulating Oil Purifier is ideal for high quality transformer which unable to turn off the power.

Single Stage Vacuum Insulating Oil Purifier


1.Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier does not need to shut down running transformer.

2. Foam manage and interlock alarm system make sure the safe oil purification

3. Absolutely no air real estate generate throughout operation

4. Fully automated operation along with PLC controller.

5. Totally free maintenance within vacuum slot provided

6. Circulation Rate choice switch (5 types selectable)

7. Simple operation


Transformer preventive oil that contains 10% to be able to 12% regarding dissolved water and 50ppm of absorbed moisture, dielectric strength could be upgraded for you to following right after single pass.

20kV break down voltage may be improved to help following single purification, dielectric strength can be improved to subsequent after solitary pass.


1. Trailer: regular speed 25km/Hr(Maximum speed: 80km/hr)

2. Weather-proof metal enclosure

3. On-line dampness content detector

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