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Oil Purifiers
Advantage and Disadvantage of Different Oil Purifiers June 8,2017.

Today, the main Oil Purifiers on the market as following: 

Portable high precision oil filtration machine: mainly by the filter, shell, oil pump and fixed devices and other components. Mainly by the filter, shell, oil pump and fixtures, etc. Fluid pump from the filter into the filter into the filter, the impurities trapped in the filter surface and deep, clean fluid from the outlet out. The filter is mostly cylindrical metal mesh, to prevent the larger solid particles into the oil pump. The pump is usually a gear pump that delivers impure oil into the filter.

PT High Precision Portable Oil Filtration Machine

Advantages and disadvantages: Portable high precision oil filtration machine to design a reasonable, large amount of oil, easy cleaning, etc., in a variety of industries have been widely used. It can be used as oil pretreatment and terminal treatment. Filtration of ordinary mechanical impurities in the oil effect is obvious, high precision. Equipment is light and easy to operate. Such equipment is not suitable to deal with oil in the oil or dust impurities in the oil, too much impurities, blocking will be more serious, the cost of replacement supplies will become very high.


Vacuum Oil Purifiers: including the initial filter, vacuum evaporation tank, oil pump, filter device, condenser and vacuum pump and other parts. Equipment generally dehydration, demulsification, remove harmful gases, also have the function of filtering impurities. The water in the oil is heated by heating and then rapidly evaporates into water vapor, and is discharged into the condenser. The uncondensed water vapor is discharged from the vacuum pump into the atmosphere. Pooled in the bottom of the vacuum evaporation tank, has been evaporated dehydrated oil pumped into the filter device, filter out the oil in the solid impurities, and further absorb the trace moisture.

Advantages and disadvantages: vacuum oil purifier demulsification and micro-water treatment effect is good, mostly for recycling purification. Water treatment to the national standard within the general no problem. But if the requirements of the filter to the very little water content is different, because the vacuum filter oil filter effect by the vacuum separation tank area. In addition to the effect of impurities and hand-push precision oil filter the same. Filtration of sludge or dust too much oil, the need for pretreatment.


Pressure plate and frame oil purifier: on behalf of this type of plate oil filter, the use of filter paper filter, the country a lot of factory production, is a most primitive oil filter equipment, its advantages are, such as oil in the unqualified edge , The use can play a very good role. The disadvantage is that the cost is large, the consumption of filter paper and more people's work intensity.


Coalescence separation of oil purifier: the oil filter, the use of coalescence, separation filter, filter impurities using pre-and refined two filter.

This kind of equipment in addition to the water effect can only be close to the qualified edge, and can’t remove the trace of water; supplies are generally dehydration filter and de-impurity filter, in addition to the effect of impurities and precision oil filter is generally close. But the equipment size is generally small, covers an area of small.


Comprehensive above, equipment selection, the customer should be based on the specific circumstances of the unit oil to determine the appropriate selection of oil purifiers to achieve the effect of purification and use of both.

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