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Vacuum Oil Filtration Machine
Automatic Foam Controller Of Oil Filtration Machine March 20,2017.

Vacuum Oil Filtration Machine supplied by Acore Filtration Co.,Ltd adopts latest automatic on foam controlling technology, which can reduce the oil foam and avoid the breaking of vacuum pump. It is composed of a spray device, atomization device, defoaming device, reaction tower, separating tower and separation chamber. Vacuum separation is the key technology of the vacuum oil purifier, which comprises vacuum separation vessel, an inlet port and an air outlet port are at the top of the vacuum vessel, The upper part of the vacuum vessel is an atomizing chamber, a spray nozzle is at the bottom of the atomizing chamber and a separation tower is at the bottom of the spray nozzle, the bottom of the separating tower is connected with the vacuum and an inner wall of the separation tank body is elastically connected, and the separation tower houses a separation net. The new high-vacuum oil filter self-excited vibration defoaming system improves dehydration and degassing efficiency, gas-liquid separation speed.

High Precision Portable Oil Filtration Machine

The Core Technology of Vacuum Oil Filtration System

(1) Self-excited vibration defoaming system of Vacuum Oil Filtration System: 168 hours of continuous operation without bubbles rise.

(2) Working vacuum: ≤-70Pa, does not reduce vacuum pressure by air valve to reducing oil foam.

(3) ultimate vacuum: ≤-10Pa

Now, most of Vacuum Oil Filtration Machine has an air valve at the top of vacuum vessel, which connects with oil foam sensor in the vacuum vessel. When sensor detects the foam, the air valve open automatically and let air into vacuum vessel to reduce vacuum pressure, then oil foam will bring down with reducing of vacuum pressure. This technology consumes time and energy and not environmentally friendly, and cannot make Vacuum Oil Filtration Machine achieve the high purification efficiency.

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