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Vacuum Oil Filtration Machine
Installation and Running of Transformer Oil Purifier June 19,2017.

For installation of Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier, vacuum tank, vacuum pumps, gear pump, filter and other components should be used for measurement at first. That is, to ensure that the oil purifier machine works well, but also to ensure that working was safe.

Measurement of Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier as following:

1. On-site use, the Oil Filtration Machine should be as close as possible to the transformer or tank, suction line should not be too long, to minimize pipeline resistance.

2. Connecting the pipe and tanks must be completely cleaned in advance and have good sealing.

3. Strictly in accordance with the order of operation. When the Transformer Oil Purifier is started, the vacuum pump, the oil pump and the heater are operated normally and the internal circulation is good before the oil can be recycled.

4. Purified oil contains a lot of mechanical impurities and free water. Must be in advance to remove the bottom of the water and impurities, and then other fine oil filtration system to fully filter to achieve the requirements of the Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier specifications, can be carried out with a oil filtration machine to influence the life of the oil filter.

5. Operation should be strictly monitored the operation of Transformer Oil Filtration Machine (such as vacuum, flow, temperature, etc.) should also be regularly detected before and after the disposal of oil quality (breakdown voltage, etc.) to monitor the purification effect of the oil filtration system.

Substation transformer oil filtration machine must also comply with the power industry issued by the plate and frame filter oil industry safety work rules in the relevant provisions.

9000L/H High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Machine

Main feature:

1. The use of vacuum into the oil, the installation of the tubular rotary injector, reducing the resistance to speed up the rotation speed, an increase of oil and gas separation effect.

2. An increase of metamorphic oil regeneration purification function, an increase of silica gel oil system, and silica gel oil and impurities filter into one, for the mild deterioration of the transformer oil, after the adsorption of silicone oil purifier regeneration, to meet the eligibility criteria.

3. Two method of Filtration: one is the traditional method of Oil Filtration Machine - filter paper as a filter medium; another method is not required filter paper special fine filter element for the filter media.

4. When Transformer Oil Purifier is used in the field, the use of the original oil equipment to do storage tanks, so that hot oil between the equipment cycle, so that the transformer oil filtration machine uses renewable and hot oil drying functions at the same time. Provincial workers, time-saving, indeed three purposes in one fell swoop.

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