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Cleaning & Replace of Filters of Transformer Oil Filtration Machine July 17,2019.

The cleaning of filter elements used in Transformer Oil Filtration Machine: After using Oil Purifier, the filters hold many impurities, we should clean the pre-filters to avoid the stainless-steel wire mesh of filter deformed or damaged. Otherwise, when the filter is installed again, the purified oil of the medium can’t meet the requirements after treatment. If the stainless-steel wire mesh is damaged, the filter should be replaced immediately.


In the case of impurities, special attention should be paid to the precision filter element, which must not be deformed or damaged. Otherwise, the filter element installed again will not meet the design requirements. after filtration, the filter elements of oil treatment machine cannot be used repeatedly, such as bag filter, poly Propylene filter,etc, they much be replaced immediately.


The fine filter element of Oil Treatment Machine is made of special materials, which is a suitable part and needs special protection; when fine filter works for a period of time, the filter element blocks a certain amount of impurities, then the pressure is increased, the flow rate will decrease, and the fine filter should be replaced timely.


The stainless-steel wire mesh is a suitable part and needs special protection. When the filter works for a period of time, certain impurities are precipitated in the filter elements. At this time, the pressure increases, the flow rate will decrease, and the filters need to be cleaned or replaced


Although Oil Purifier can remove impurities from the oil, it will accumulate impurities during long-term use, which will affect the quality of the oil, reduce the working efficiency of the oil purifier, and reduce the service life of the filter elements and the life of the oil treatment machine. The transformer oil filtration machine should be carefully maintained to avoid unnecessary damage and waste.

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