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Transformer Oil Filtration Machine
Coalescence Separation Oil Filtration Machine for Waste Lubricating Oils April 12,2018.

CSF Coalescence Separation Oil Filtration Machine Manufacture by ACORE Filtration Company is specially produced for low viscosity lube oil, such as turbine oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, etc. It is mainly composed of from coarse filter, fine filter and coalescing filter and separating filter, oil pump and circuit control system. Do not need heating, completely guarantee that the additive in the oil is not cracked, not deteriorated, and the quality of the oil can be guaranteed after filtration.

Features of CSF Coalescence Separation Oil Filtration Machine

1) Filtering and dehydration functions to remove emulsified water, free water and impurities in the corresponding oil products;

2) Separately filter the oil product and use it as a refueling machine. Its working principle is: the oil flows through a special high-efficiency filter element, and the gradient pore structure that gradually decreases in the flow direction from the surface and inside of the filter element intercepts the pollution of different sizes. The particles maximize the filter's service life and filter efficiency.

3) Set up the internal circulation, easy to replace the coalescing separation filter element. Used in the filtration and dehydration system of turbine oil. The Coalescence Lubricating Oil Filtration Machine combines the precise filtration of oil and high-efficiency dehydration into one function, which can effectively remove the particulate impurities and emulsified water and free water in the oil. Improve oil quality, reduce reprocessing and pollution costs, and reduce maintenance and use costs.

CSF Coalescence Lubricating Oil Filtration Machine can be superimposed configuration options: electrical control part can choose explosion-proof controller, the oil circulation part can choose stainless steel material.

Working Principle of CSF Coalescence Separation Oil Filtration Machine:

The oil is first passed through a pre-filter to remove coarser particulate contaminants in the oil to protect the pump from running safely. The filter elements of the coarse and fine filters are made of glass fiber material with high absolute filtration accuracy, which filters out fine particulate contaminants in the oil. After the oil passes through the coarse filter, it enters the coalescence separator. In the coalescence separator, the oil is filtered, agglomerated, sediments and separated into four processes to achieve the function of filtering out contaminants and removing water. The water that has settled in the sump is removed by a drain valve on the sump and then filtered again through the fine filter before entering the tank.

Before and after each stage of the filter, a plurality of pressure gauges and pressure controllers are provided to check the filtration and dewatering effect at any time and monitor filter pressure and filter plugging at various stages.

Another function of this Lubricating Oil Filtration Machine is that it can be used as a refueling machine only after the pre-stage filtration, coarse filtration, and fine filtration without the coalescing separator.

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