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Oil Filtration Machine
Difference of Vacuum Oil Purifier and Oil Filtration Machine December 11,2018.

The Vacuum Oil Purifier includes a pre-filter, a vacuum evaporation chamber, an oil pump, a filtering device, a condenser and a vacuum pump. The oil enters the vacuum evaporation tank through the primary filter under atmospheric pressure. After the oil is heated to 100 ° C or higher, it is sprayed into the vacuum chamber to become a fine oil droplet. The water in the oil evaporates quickly into water vapor, which is condensed in the condenser and discharged. The uncondensed water vapor is discharged to the atmosphere by a vacuum pump. The oil collected at the bottom of the vacuum evaporation tank and evaporated and dehydrated is pumped into the filter device by oil, and the solid impurities in the oil are filtered to further absorb a trace amount of water. The Vacuum Oil Purifier can significantly improve the effect of removing moisture from the oil and is suitable for the Oil Purification for high-voltage electrical appliances.

General Oil Filtration Machine consists of a primary filter, an oil pump and a filter cart. The primary filter is a cylindrical metal mesh that prevents larger solid particles from entering the oil pump from the impure oil. The oil pump is usually a gear pump that delivers impure oil into the filter unit. The oil filtration machine is a small hand-pressed plate and frame filter press, and a special filter paper is used as the filter medium. The oil enters the plate and frame filter press under the pressure of the oil pump, and the filter paper becomes the filter oil. The solid impurities in the oil are trapped on the surface of the filter paper, and a small amount of moisture is absorbed by the capillary pores of the filter paper. The filtration pressure is usually no greater than 0.3 MPa. When the surface of the filter paper deposits too much impurities, the filtration pressure rises to 0.35 MPa, or when the moisture absorbed by the filter paper approaches saturation, and the residual moisture in the filter oil is no longer reduced, the filter paper should be stopped. When the viscosity of the oil is high, it can be preheated to lower the viscosity and then filtered. This Oil Filtration Machine can only remove solid impurities and a small amount of water, and is suitable for the Oil Purification. When there is too much water and impurities in the oil, it must be pretreated and sent to the oil filter. The processing capacity of a General Oil Filtration Machine is 25 to 200 liters/min. The square filter frame of the filter device has 200 mm, 250 mm, 320 mm, 450 mm, 630 mm, and the like. The filter plates and filter frames are made of cast iron or polypropylene.

The Vacuum Oil Purifier also uses electrostatic separation and resin adsorption technology to remove metamorphic oil molecules, which makes the deep Oil Purification and improves oil performance.

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