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Features of Different kind of Oil Filtration Machine March 18,2019.

Portable Oil Filter Cart: mainly composed of filter element, housing, oil pump and fixing device. It is mainly composed of a filter element, a casing, an oil pump and a fixing device. After the fluid oil pump flows from the filter inlet into the filter element, impurities are trapped on the surface of the filter element and deep, and the cleaning fluid flows out from the outlet. The filter element is mostly a cylindrical metal mesh, which prevents large solid particles in the impure oil from entering the oil pump. The oil pump is usually a gear pump that delivers impure oil into the filter unit.

Advantages and Disadvantages: The portable oil filter cart has been widely used in various industries due to its reasonable design, large oil output and convenient cleaning. It can be used as a pretreatment and terminal treatment for oil. The common mechanical impurities in the filter oil have obvious effects and high precision. The device is light and easy to operate. This portable oil filter cart is not suitable for the treatment of oils with oil sludge or dusty impurities in the oil. Too much impurities, the blockage will be more serious, and the cost of replacing consumables will become very high.

Vacuum Oil Purifier: including the primary filter, vacuum evaporation can, oil pump, filter, condenser (condenser) and vacuum pump. The equipment generally has dehydration, emulsification, removal of harmful gases, and also has the function of filtering impurities. After the water in the oil is heated and heated, it is quickly evaporated into water vapor, which is condensed in the condenser and discharged. The uncondensed water vapor is discharged to the atmosphere by a vacuum pump. The oil collected at the bottom of the vacuum evaporation tank and evaporated and dehydrated is pumped into the filtering device by the oil, and the solid impurities in the oil are filtered to further absorb a trace amount of water.

Advantages and Disadvantages: The emulsification and micro-water treatment of the vacuum oil purifier machine is good, mostly for recycling purification. There is generally no problem in the treatment of water content into the national standard. However, if the minimum water content required to be filtered is different, the water filtering effect of the vacuum oil filter is affected by the area of the vacuum separation tank. The effect of impurities is the same as that of a hand-push precision oil filter. Filtration of oils with too much sludge or dust requires pretreatment.

Plate Frame Oil Filter Press Machine: It is the plate type oil filter press machine. It is filtered by filter paper and is produced by many factories all over the country. It is one of the most original oil filtering equipment. Its advantage is that it is on the edge of unqualified oil, use can play a very good role. The disadvantage is that the cost is large, the filter paper is used more, and the work intensity of the person is large.

Coalescer Oil & Fuel Filtration Machine: When the oil filtration machine is filtered, it uses a coalescing and separation filter to filter out impurities and use both pre- and fine filters.

The water removal effect of this kind of equipment can only reach close to the qualified edge, but can not remove trace water; the consumables are generally dewatering filter core and decontamination filter element, and the impurity effect is generally close to the precision oil filter. However, the size of the equipment is generally small and the floor space is not large.

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