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Hydraulic Oil Filtration Machine
Hydraulic Oil Filtration & Cleaning Machine - Acore Oil Purifier Manufacturer February 20,2019.

In order to meet the needs of the maintenance requirement of various types of high and low pressure hydraulic equipment, ACORE design VHF model Hydraulic Oil Filtration Machine, it has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, convenient movement, low noise, long continuous working time, stable performance and convenient operation. VHF Hydraulic Oil Filtration & Cleaning Machine is an ideal equipment for separating water, gas and impurities in hydraulic oils.


1.VHF Hydraulic Oil Cleaning Equipment can be used for all kinds of hydraulic oils, lubricating oils and turbine oils for on-site oil filtering and oil replenishment.

2.Small size and light weight.

3. Improve the design of oil and gas separation. With the vacuum oil inlet, a tubular rotary injector is installed to reduce the resistance and the speed of the rotation is fast, which increases the separation effect of oil and gas.

4. According to the needs of users, the filter medium of the oil purifier part is made of special fine filter element as filter medium. The special fine filter element is: tubular filter element made of non-toxic and tasteless polypropylene as raw material through melting, spraying, drawing and receiving molding.

5. VHF Hydraulic Oil Filtration as a multi-functional Lube Oil Flushing Machine, this is an important feature of this machine. Since the machine is used on site, and the original oil-filled equipment is used as the oil storage tank, the hot oil is circulated between the machine and the equipment, so that the three functions of oil filtering, regeneration, and hot oil circulation drying are simultaneously performed, saving labor. Save time and do three things at a time.


VHF Hydraulic Oil Filtration & Cleaning Equipment is designed according to the boiling point of water and oil. It consists of a vacuum heating tank, a fine filter, a condenser, a prefilter, a water tank, a vacuum pump, an oil drain pump and an electrical cabinet. The vacuum pump will draw out the air in the vacuum tank to form a vacuum. Under the action of atmospheric pressure, the oil passes through the inlet pipe into the primary filter to eliminate large particles, and then enters the heating tank, and the oil is heated to 40-75 ° C. Automatic oil bleed valve, which automatically controls the amount of oil entering and leaving the vacuum tank. The heated oil is rapidly swirled by the spray wing to separate the oil into a semi-mist shape. The water in the oil is rapidly evaporated into water vapor and continuously sucked into the condenser by the vacuum pump. The water entering the condenser is cooled and then returned. The original water is released. The oil in the vacuum heating tank is discharged into the fine filter by the oil discharge pump to filter the particulate impurities through the filter element. Thereby completing the whole process of the vacuum oil filter to quickly remove impurities, moisture and gas in the oil, so that the clean oil is discharged from the outlet.


1.Connect the oil inlet and outlet oil lines and close all valves.

2. Connect the three-phase four-wire power supply according to the total power of the machine. Click “vacuum open” to make the vacuum pump and oil pump turn in the same direction as the arrow. Connect the safety ground wire, check whether the circuits are connected reliably, and whether the oil circuit valves are open. The dynamic vacuum pump, the oil inlet pump and the oil discharge pump shall have no jamming and eccentric vibration. The model with a condenser can inject tap water into the water storage chamber through the drain valve, and the operation procedure is completed after the preparation is correct.

3. Start the vacuum pump first. When the vacuum surface reaches the negative pressure -0.08MPa, the oil inlet valve can be opened to the oil until the oil in the vacuum tank reaches the neutral position of the oil mark. (Do not inhale the oil into the vacuum pump, otherwise the equipment will not operate normally, if not When the oil is carefully sucked into the vacuum pump, the oil should be released from the vacuum pump in time, and then the appropriate vacuum oil should be added. After the oil drain valve is opened, the oil pump switch can be activated. The filter and regeneration function of the machine can be arbitrarily selected, as long as the ball valve can be switched.  began to drain oil and filter impurities to make the oil circuit cycle normally;

4. During normal operation, observe the oil mark tube to adjust the inlet valve to maintain the oil inlet and outlet balance, turn on the heater switch, set the temperature required to heat the oil, and volatilize the water in the oil. If there is more water in the oil, the vacuum tank When the oil foam will increase or the oil discharge pump is slow, the venting valve must be opened to control the vacuum. When the water is reduced, the oil level is lowered, or the oil pump is normal, adjust the bleed valve to stabilize the vacuum at 0.08. About MPa. At this time, pay attention to the reaction of each meter. If the pressure gauge reading is greater than 0.4 MPa, it means that too much impurities are adsorbed on the surface of the filter element in the fine filter, which needs to be cleaned and replaced.

5. Stop the heating system for 3 minutes when stopping, then stop the vacuum pump, (intake pump), close the inlet valve, and stop the oil pump after the residual oil is discharged;

6. Open the bleed valve to bring the vacuum to normal atmospheric pressure, drain the oil in the cylinder, and release the remaining oil from the drain valve to prevent mixing into different types of oil for the next use, and finally turn off the air switch.

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