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Lube Oil Flushing System
Lube Oil Filtration & Flushing Systems - ACORE Oil Purifier November 21,2018.

Industrial machinery is developing to high performance and large-scale, and the requirements for reliability, trouble-free life, and dynamic performance are also increasing. Improve the process conditions of oil filtration and regeneration, increase waste oil to a quality close to or meet the operating oil standard, which is of great significance for relieving the shortage of petroleum resources and reducing the environmental pollution of waste oil. Lube Oil Filtration System can help user reduce consumption and costs, establish a sustainable development strategy, promote the development and utilization of renewable energy.

In order to meet the requirement of industrial machinery to repair all kinds of high and low pressure oil equipment on site, ACORE Lube Oil Filtration & Filtration System has the advantages of small size, light weight, convenient movement, low noise, long continuous working time, stable performance and convenient operation. It is an ideal equipment for purification of industrial lube oils.

ACORE Lube Oil Flushing System Has following features:

1. small size, light weight, easy moving.

2. The use of vacuum oil feed, the installation of a turbine rotary injector, reducing the resistance, speeding up the rotation speed, and increasing the oil and gas separation effect.

3. Increased the regeneration and purification function of waste lube oil. In the past, the lube oil flushing system was only a single way to remove impurities and moisture. The machine added a silica gel net oil system and integrated the silica gel net oil with the impurity filter. After filtering the impurities from the mildly deteriorated transformer oil, The adsorption and regeneration of the silicone oil purifier makes it meet the standard of qualified oil.

4. A multi-functional Oil Purifier. This is an important feature of the lube oil filtration system. Since the machine is used in the field and the original oil-filled equipment is used as the oil storage tank, the hot oil is circulated between the machine and the equipment, the three functions of hot oil circulation drying are carried out at the same time, saving cost and time.

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