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Mobile Oil Treatment Machine
Mobile Oil Treatment Machine for HV Transformers October 10,2018.

DVTP Double Stages High Vacuum Transformer Oil Treatment Machine insulating oil double-stage vacuum oil filter is used in power plants, power stations, power companies, substation industries, metallurgy, petrochemical, machinery, transportation, railway and other industries. In particular, the on-site inspection and maintenance of transformers for large substations above 110KV, as well as the deep purification of high-grade oils such as new oil, imported oil, transformer oil and ultra-high voltage transformer oil. DVTP Vacuum Transformer Oil Treatment Machine can also be used for vacuum oiling and drying of transformers.

DVTP Mobile Transformer Oil Treatment Machine is specially designed for ultra-high-voltage insulation oil purification above 500KV-1000KV electric equipment. It can be used for online treatment at site and as a vacuum source for vacuum drying of transformer equipment.

Online & Offline Transformer Oil Filtration Treatment Machine


DVTP Mobile Transformer Oil Treatment Machine adopts the oil-water separation technology combined with thin film evaporation and drying, and is equipped with a vacuum pumping speed and a matching flow rate.

The heat power and high efficiency degassing components make the machine have a good dehydration function. Insulation oil treated at room temperature, performance index exceeds

The composite microporous filtering technology has strong dirt holding capacity and high filtration precision. Small and efficient, reliable operation, easy to move, special

Processing Procedure

Under vacuum, the oil enters the electric heater after passing through the coarse filter, and then enters the vacuum degassing tank through the rotary separator for oil.

Water separation, moisture and gas are eliminated by defoaming, gas water separator and vacuum pump. The oil after removing moisture and gas is transported to the fine filter. After the filter removes impurities, the purified oil is output.

The user-friendly design of the two-stage vacuum pumping speed and the advanced dewatering and degassing system adopts the international leading circular three-dimensional complex flashing technology, which can quickly and efficiently remove moisture, impurities, etc. in the oil in a very short time. Harmful components can also increase the flash point and dielectric strength of transformer oil.

The latest Transformer Oil Filtration Process technology and equipment performance, and has the characteristics of high working vacuum, fast oil cleaning speed and high precision.

Advanced automatic pressure alarm shutdown system, automatic overload protection system, automatic constant temperature system, automatic defoaming system, automatic anti-spray oil protection system and excellent quality configuration ensure the safe and safe operation of the equipment.

Precision filtration system, all imported high-quality filter, multi-stage precision filtration, step-by-step filtration technology can block fine impurities, large amount of dirt, optional filter pollution degree automatic detection function.

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