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Mobile Oil Treatment Machine
Mobile Oil Treatment Machine for Transformer Oil Filtering on Trailer March 27,2018.

Mobile Transformer Oil Treatment Machine mounted on trailer is suitable for filtering of electric insulating oils. We certainly have standard high-vacuum filtering and dehydration systems to remove free water and dissolved water, gas, dirt and also oxidation goods from mineral-based insulating oil. Customized Mobile Oil Treatment Machine can be offered as per customer’s specific need, such as a lot more flow-rates. These kinds of plants work with low temperature, excessive vacuum pressure. The standard Transformer Oil Treatment Machine generally consist of home heating, filtration, along with vacuum technique. Heating system assists to the filter and water removal. Filtration remove halted particles to 1 micron such as particles, dirt, weighing machines, colloidal carbon dioxide etc . The Transformer Oil Filtering Machine separate moisture down to 3 ppm by high vacuum dehydration system.

We sense immense satisfaction in delivering forth a variety of Mobile Transformer Oil Filtering Machine. Developed by using a supreme good quality raw substance, procured via certified sellers, this collection complies with all the global level of quality standards in addition to norms. This specific range of Oil Treatment Machine clean oil plus dirty oil tanks properly and thus guard a large number of significant equipment on the power facilities such as central heating boiler burner entrance and all sorts of transformers. Praised for its amazing performance, substantial efficiency, powerful construction, lowered size and sturdiness, the presented range will be widely congratulated by large companies.

Mobile Trailer High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Plant


· Acid value will probably be down to 0.03mgKOH/g by treatment

· Two vacuum chambers, successful oil motion picture sprayer, raising separating sizing and splitting up time to guarantee the dry-level and dielectric strength increasing greatly.

· High Vacuum Dehydration and Degassing system

· Duplex-Stereo film evaporation technology, along with unique and even advanced dewatering, degassing parts, can swiftly and correctly separate h2o, gas by oil.

· Multi-stage precision filtering method, mesh filter or a filtering combined with molecular adsorption systems

· Efficient electric powered heating system, heating up uniformity, fewer power intake, safe, together with reliable.

· Double-infrared liquid stage sensor, strain protective process to ensure operation of Mobile Transformer Oil Treatment Machine simple and easy safely

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