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Mobile Transformer Oil Treatment
Mobile Transformer Oil Filtration Process Machine Manufacturer August 20,2019.
ACORE DVTP Mobile Transformer Oil Filtration Process Machine is suitable for the purification of insulating oil for power transmission and transformation equipment above 110/220/500KV, removing moisture, gas and mechanical impurities, thereby improving the dielectric strength and oil quality of insulating oil and ensuring the safe operation of high-voltage electrical equipment. The treated oil reaches the national standard, which is a good Oil purification Machine in the power industry.

● It is suitable for construction, installation, maintenance and on-site maintenance of large-scale power transmission and transformation equipment.
● It is used for oil filtration process of oils such as capacitors, transformers and ultra-high voltage transformers.
● For oils with water, which needs deep water dehydration treatment with low water content.
● With transformer vacuum drying.
● It can realize vacuum pumping of the transformer and vacuum oil filling.
● Due to the two-stage high vacuum design, which is more suitable at high altitudes.

1. DVTP Mobile Transformer Oil Filtration Process Machine are the third generation intelligent vacuum oil purification machine specially developed by ACORE for insulating oil products. It is used for purification and filtration of electrical insulation oils such as transformer oil, insulating oil, switch oil, capacitor oil and refrigeration oil.

2. The purpose of Oil Purification Machine is to eliminate particles, moisture, gas and other pollutants in the oil, and to reduce the acid value. The key indicators such as dielectric strength, water content, gas content, acid value and dielectric loss of the oil meet the requirements of qualified specifications, and the safe operation of the user's electrical equipment is guaranteed as much as possible.

3, This product is widely used in power supply, power generation, power transmission and transformation, power equipment manufacturing, power engineering, electrical equipment maintenance, power testing, electrical research and other industries customers oil purification treatment.

4. The Transformer Oil Purification Machine also has the functions of vacuuming, vacuum drying, online oil filtering, oil filling, hot oil circulation, etc., which can fully meet the various functional requirements of the user site.

5. DVTP Mobile Transformer Oil Filtration Machine is an armored structure of independent oil purification filtration system, can be charged online circulating filtration, can also be moved to the oil filter point for offline oil filtration.

6. In addition to reliable filtration and oil purification, the equipment can also be easily converted into valves for separate oil pumping, oil filling and oil replenishing functions. At the same time, the oil can be filtered to meet the multi-purpose requirements of the site.

Usually, when the oil is put into operation, it will be carried out: pre-filtration before oil injection, vacuum oil purification, hot oil circulation filtration, until the oil equipment is fully in compliance with the corresponding power specifications before the power equipment is commissioned.

DVTP Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Machine is a new generation of intelligent two-stage high vacuum oil purification machine developed for various insulating oils. (Contact now sales@acorefiltration.com)
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