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Transformer Oil Filtration Machine
Online Filtration Process Machine of Transformer Oil in The Field January 3,2019.

Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Machine produced by ACORE Filtration Co.Ltd can be used for the regeneration and purification treatment of unsuitable insulating oil, transformer oil, switch oil, cable oil and other insulating oils, Meanwhile, our transformer oil filtration machine can also be for vacuum oil-filling and vacuum evacuating of transformer

Transformer Oil Purification Plant is suitable for construction, installation, maintenance and on-site maintenance of ultra-high voltage and ultra-high voltage large-scale power transmission and transformation equipment above 110KV. It can be used for purification treatment for high grade new oil, imported oil, transformer oil, ultra-voltage transformer oil and other insulating oils.

The Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Plant has the functions of vacuum oil injection and vacuum pumping, which can meet the functions of vacuum drying and hot oil circulation filtration at site.


Transformer Oil Filtration Machine is mainly suitable for all kinds of low viscosity oil, namely: high pressure transformer, current transformer, capacitor, circuit breaker, oil switch and other insulating oil purification. The Transformer Oil Purification Plant can clean and treat the insulative oil such as transformers, transformers and oil switches that are degraded without power failure.

On basis of the original Vacuum Oil Purifier, the High Vacuum Insulating Oil Purifier uses a multi-stage negative pressure filtration horizontal structure was adopted. The bipolar vacuum performance was stable and advanced, the electrical design and installation were reliable, the appearance structure was compact, and the structure was reasonable and novel.

The Vacuum Insulating Oil Purifier has a short regeneration cycle, low energy consumption, no filter paper and fragile materials, and high degree of automation. The automatic control protection device is light and flexible, consumes less power, has low noise, and is easy to operate. The non-replacement filter element reduces the cost by more than 90% compared with the traditional insulating oil treatment method.

The polymer composite filter material directly removes free carbon from the electric insulating oil. Effectively ensure the filtration accuracy of the oil quality, that is, the cleanliness, and the filter equipment adds automatic backwashing.

Lube oil of vacuum pump emulsion cycle system and vacuum circulation cooling device, water cooling, air cooling arbitrary switching, completely solve the drawbacks of winter freezing in the northern region can not operate normally. Eliminate the problem of easy emulsification of oil for long-term operation of vacuum pump. The Transformer Oil Filtration Machine can be used as a stand-alone unit or in combination with a regenerative adsorption unit.

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