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Turbine Oil Purification Plant
Online Turbine Oil Purification Plant May 11,2017.

Turbine oil, also known as TSA turbine oil, according to ISO viscosity grade is divided into 32,46,68,100 several grades, it is mainly used for power plants and other industrial steam turbines, hydraulic turbines, generators and other mechanical equipment. TOP Turbine Oil Purification Plant from Acore Filtration Co.,Ltd uses the world's leading coalescence demulsification and vacuum separation dehydration technology, the use of multi-level precision filter dehumidification acid, optimized piping system design can be achieved 24 Hour guard online circulating oil filtration to ensure the normal oil quality, maintenance unit safety.

TOP Turbine Oil Purifier

Turbine technology is the fluid in the process of energy into mechanical power of the machine, also known as turbines, turbines. Turbine (for thermal power plants, ship propulsion, etc.), gas turbine (used as propulsion power for jet aircraft, ship), turbine (for power plant) Power, and power plants, spikes with small power plants, etc.) and air turbines (only for small power).

Lube oil in the energy conversion agencies of turbines has the functions of lubrications and heat dissipation. In the production conditions of the environment, often due to unit aging or sealing lax and produce leakage, leakage, string gas caused by oil emulsification, acid rise, etc., turbine oil quality deterioration may cause cylinder deformation, the movement part of the friction, Vibration increases sharply, serious also occur large axis bending, moving blade fracture and other malignant accidents.

In addition to reliable dehydration degassing and dehumidification, TOP Turbine Oil Purification Plant is equipped with infrared level control, thermostatic control, filtration pressure protection, power part interlock protection, and Equipment, such as alarm and a number of patented technology security control function, can achieve unattended on-line operation. Really be assured, safe. Mainly for power plants and other industrial steam turbines, hydraulic turbines, generators and other mechanical equipment using turbine oil business, so that the operation of the oil can be purified in time.

TOP Turbine Oil Purification Plant can purify leaking, aging, acid, multi-bubble and emulsified oil. It can quickly and efficiently remove the oil in the water, gas, impurities, so that the quality of the oil can reach the standard of the GB / T7596-2000.

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