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Turbine Oil Purification Plant
Performance and Advantages of TOP Turbine Lube Oil Purification Plant September 7,2017.

ACORE Filtration Co.ltd as a manufacturer of Turbine Oil Purification Plant, in combination with foreign advanced technology on the basis of promoting its own brand of reform and innovation, formed with the international competitive advantage of TOP Turbine Lube Oil Purifier.

TOP Turbine Lube Oil Purification Plant is mainly used for the fire, hydroelectric generating units, nuclear power plants, industrial steam turbine and other companies using steam turbine oil. So that the operation of the oil has not yet deteriorated to get timely purification, but also on the string steam, water, aging, acid, bubble, emulsified oil to do purification processing, which can quickly and efficiently remove the water, gas and impurities in oil. After purification, oil quality indicators to meet the "GB / T7596-2000 in the operation of turbine oil quality standards" requirements, and to ensure that the unit to adjust the lubrication system to work properly to extend the maintenance cycle of the unit. Can be on-line demulsification, dehydration, in addition to acid, impurity, so that serious turbidity emulsified turbine oil becomes clear and transparent.

TOP Turbine Oil Purifier

1) TOP Turbine Lube Oil Purification Plant use polymer magnetic materials, do not use any additives demulsification, complete demulsification;

2) The Turbine Oil Purifier adopts a unique dehydration method and the international advanced hydrophilic and flowing water principle, efficient dehydration, in addition to the complete removal of liquid water, but also to clear 100% of free water and 85% Dissolved water.

3) The device adopts stepwise progressive encryption filter system setting. Primary filter and secondary filter are imported from Japan stainless steel network can be used repeatedly cleaning, greatly reducing the operating costs of equipment; fine filter using the United States imported polymer filter, its high precision, can effectively remove the oil In the fine particles of impurities.

4) The use of strong wind condensing technology to quickly extract the vacuum pump high temperature and high heat mixed gas condensate dewatering to improve the effective output power of the device, greatly extending the life of the vacuum pump;

5) The heating system uses the optimized pipeline design to ensure that there is no dead zone, and the function of anti-dry;

6) The use of advanced media condensing device, and then with the strong wind cooling, water and cooling combined to make the equipment more durable;

7) Heater with low load design to ensure that the oil can be heated in the heater evenly, can effectively avoid the oil caused by cracking and aging hazards;

8) Advanced electrical system and automatic infrared oil level control system, automatic control does not occur running oil phenomenon;

9) With the steam turbine, turbine and other equipment to achieve unattended online operation, low noise, in line with the world's high standards of environmental protection requirements;

10) Fuller earth filters lower acid value and dielectric loss, oil treatment acid value (Mgkoh / g) ≤ 0.03 (ZJC-R series of oil filter);

11) TOP Turbine Lube Oil Purifier has a number of patented technology, set vacuum drying, separation engineering technology, cohesion technology, adsorption even the secret filtering technology in one;

12) TOP Turbine Oil Purification Plant can be non-stop automatic drainage, the use of equipment to operate more simple, humane

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