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Transformer Insulating Oil Testing
Procedure & Purpose of Transformer Insulating Oil Testing According to IEC 60156 Standard December 12,2017.

Why the insulating oil needs the testing of dielectric strength?

Insulation oil complete the main container of transformer. It has 2 purposes. You are to provide padding between the HT and LT winding as well as between floor and windings. It also offers cooling towards the transformer. Essential oil circulates among different parts of transformer. It bears heat through the windings for the radiator associated with transformer. Based upon the type of air conditioning, heat is actually removed from transformer either through natural air flow or pushed air chilling. Some Technicians equates the actual oil regarding transformer on the blood involving human body. Whenever the condition of transformer oil is about the tag, transformer can function properly and also safely. Consequently some assessments are carried out on normal basis in order to verify the dieletric strength of transformer insulating oil.

Purpose of Transformer Oil Testing

Testing the dielectric strength of transformer insulating oil is only one of primary test that was carries out to be able to verify the particular insulating attributes of necessary oil under higher voltage. Dielectric strength connected with transformer should be above the tolerance value. Nevertheless this power can be decreased by pollutants such as drinking water, sediment along with conducting contaminants. There may different factors of these allergens and impurities which is past the range of this article. These types of particles mostly are conducting that tend to slow up the dielectric energy of olive oil. Weakening with dielectric durability can result in seapage current in between HT in addition to LT turning. In severe cases it may result in the ignite and may become short signal. One indicator of your dieletric strength of transformer oil will be its vaginal dryness and sanitation. However that is not necessarily signifies the lack of all contaminants.

Usually college students and yound graduate befuddle these lab tests. Although the two are insulation testing but meggering is done to discover insulation concerning HT and LT rotating and amongst both windings and entire body (Ground). However transformer Oil Testing is completed to find dielectric strength for oil. To comprehend the procedure about meggering make sure you refer to the article how you can megger transformer.

Equipment to do Insulating Oil Testing

The gear is used for you to measure typically the dielectric toughness of transformer must have the next provisions.

· Capable of providing high attention.

· Arrangement to keep sample associated with oil.

· Visibility of interest.

· Voltmeter.

· The equipment ought to be capable to boost the voltage in rate regarding 2kV/sec.

Common transformer oil testing gadget is demonstrated the number.

The Transformer Oil Testing Set consists of oil cup, the voltmeter and even high résistance provision. There are specific rules or even requirements essential oil cup.

· The air difference between a couple of electrodes within oil mug must have atmosphere gap of two. 5mm based on IEC 60156 standard.

· The gap somewhere between electrodes has to be adjustable.

· The ends involving electrodes needs to be concave in form.

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