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DST Insulating Oil Tester for Dielectric Breakdown Voltage

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  In all power and distribution transformers, switchgears, load changers, cables and circuit breakers etc., transformer oil or other insulating oils are very important ingredient and used insulation liquid should have a very high dielectric strength. To test the dielectric strength of insulation liquid, we developed DST transformer oil tester (oil dielectric strength tester), which is completely self-contained, compact and portable set. The transformer dielectric oil tester set has been specially designed for testing the dielectric breakdown voltage strength of insulating liquids, a very high voltage is passed through it. The failure of the dielectric strength is shown by a spark across two electrodes. The apparatus to carry out this test is manufactured by us in various voltage ranges and models, as per IEC-156 and ASTM.

1. As per specification of standard of IEC 156, ASTM D 877 and ASTM D 1816
2. Automatic self-test with HV output voltage testing variation of 0-80KV or 0-100KV
3. Built-in measurement of the temperature of the insulating liquid.
4. LCD display to rest test results and built-in printer to print out of test results automatically.
5. Capability of storing100 experimental results, displaying the current temperature. 
6. At a constant speed controlled by single chip microcomputer.
7. The Insulating Oil Tester is easy to operate, small size, light weight.

Technical Specifications

1.Power supply: AC220V ±10%, 50/60HZ

2.Voltage output:0-80KV / 100K

3.Accuracy: ±2%

4.Capacity:1.6KVA, 2.0KVA

5.Pressure increase rate : About 2 KVA/S

6.Pressure testing speed: 2%

7.Break down sensitivity : <2KV

8.Wave form distortion :≤3%

9.Time of breakdown: ≤10ms

10.Operational environment: Temperature:0℃-40℃,

Humidity: the most relative humidity85%

11. Storage environment : Temperature:-20℃-40℃,

Humidity: the most relative humidity75%.

12. Operational height: <150m(can be specially designed if the

height is over1500m)

13. Test cell: Glass, volume 300 to 500 ml, with protective cover and stirrer.

14. Electrodes: Stainless steel spherical36 mmdiameter/hemispherical25 mmradius,2.5 mmgap as per IEC-156, or ASTM D 877 and ASTM D 1816

15.Initial stand time of oil sample: 180 seconds

 Intermediate stand time of oil sample: 60 seconds

 String time of oil sample:  60 seconds

 Number of consecutive test: 6

16. 80KV: Weight: 50kg  Dimension: 480*450*450 mm

     100KV: Weight: 55kg  Dimension: 500*500*500 mm

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Subject : DST Insulating Oil Tester for Dielectric Breakdown Voltage

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