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Transformer Oil Filtration Machine
Processing Procedure of Transformer Oil Filtration Machine May 15,2017.

The transformer oil is contaminated with water and dust and other impurities, it can use plate and frame pressure oil filtration machine to purify, after several cycles of filtration, usually able to meet the requirements. Its principle is the use of oil filter paper to absorb moisture, filter impurities. The advantage is that the fine impurity removal effect is good, its structure is simple, easy maintenance, reliable operation, easy handling, so it is widely used. The disadvantage is that moisture filtration is not complete, so it is only suitable for low voltage grade transformer oil filtration processing.

Now, Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Machine is widely used for purification of insulating oils, it can not only completely remove the oil in the water and gas, and can effectively remove the small impurities. The process procedure: to be processed → coarse filter → fine filter → heating oil vacuum degassing → clean oil. The coarse filter uses a metal filter and a strong magnet, and the fine filter usually filters 1μm tiny impurities. There are many types of fine filters, metal powder sintered materials, metal micro-porous materials, ceramic filter materials and the use of special structure of the filter paper filter core and so on.

High Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Machine

Vacuum Dehydration and Degasification:

The principle is to vacuum the tank, the heating method will be used to form oil mist spray, leaving the oil in the gas and water escape. Oil temperature is generally around 50 ℃, not too high, so as not to aging. This method of dehydration degassing effect is better, is the more commonly used method.

If the oil is sprayed with a certain diameter of the oil, because the oil has a high interfacial tension, making the oil within the oil and gas is not easy to fully play. For this reason, the diameter of the ejection hole is selected appropriately, and it is generally necessary to provide a plurality of baffles at the evacuation port of the tank to prevent evacuation by the vacuum pump.

At present, ACORE Transformer Oil Filtration machine uses a advanced film dehydration and degassing technology, that is, Oil go through degassing components to form a very thin oil film, and always completed in the oil film dehydration Degassing, so that the water and gas in insulating oil can be removed completely.

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