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Hydraulic Oil Filtration
The Need for Hydraulic Oil Filtration, Flushing, Recycling & Cleaning May 9,2019.

The Need for Hydraulic Oil Filtration:

The performance of the hydraulic system depends to a large extent on the selection, maintenance and management of the hydraulic oil, and the reasonable use and maintenance can effectively improve the working performance and service life of the hydraulic oil equipment. The hydraulic oil is often contaminated, which will make the hydraulic system not work properly. 80% of the failure of the hydraulic system is caused by the contamination of the hydraulic oil.

We know that hydraulic oil is a kind of lubricating oil. The so-called lubrication is to add a lubricant between the two moving surfaces of the relative movement, so that a lubricating film is formed between the two friction surfaces, and the direct contact surfaces are separated. Drying and rubbing is the internal friction between lubricant molecules to reduce friction, reduce wear and prolong the service life of mechanical equipment. The role of lubricating oil is:

1. Reduce friction: Adding lubricant to the friction surface can reduce the friction coefficient, thus reducing the friction resistance and saving energy consumption.

2. Reduce wear: Lubricants can reduce abrasion caused by abrasive wear, surface fatigue, adhesive wear, etc. between the friction surfaces.

3. Cooling effect: The lubricant can absorb heat, heat transfer and heat dissipation, thus reducing the temperature rise caused by friction heat.

4. Anti-rust effect: If there is lubricant on the friction surface, it can prevent corrosion caused by air, water droplets, water vapor, corrosive gas and liquid, dust and oxide.

5. Transfer of power: In many cases, the lubricant has the function of transmitting power, such as hydraulic transmission.

6. Sealing effect: The lubricant forms a seal on some exposed parts to prevent the intrusion of moisture impurities.

7. Shock absorption: When subjected to impact load, it can absorb impact energy, such as automobile shock absorbers.

8. Cleaning effect: impurities can be separated by the circulation of lubricating oil and removed through filters.

Therefore, if the lubricating oil has impurities, it will affect the friction reduction of the machine and reduce the wear, thus affecting the service life of the machine. If the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system of the equipment you use can meet the required filtration accuracy, then reduce. The failure played a decisive role. Therefore, the maintenance of hydraulic oil and the choice of Hydraulic Oil Cleaning Equipment are particularly important.

Hydraulic oil filtration method:

Hydraulic oil filtration can be filtered by a Vacuum Lube Oil Purifier.

This machine can quickly remove moisture, gas, impurities and volatiles (gasoline, diesel, kerosene, etc.) from the oil. Improve oil quality, restore lubricant viscosity, flash point and performance. Ensure the normal operation of hydraulic system, power system and lubrication system.

The characteristics of Hydraulic Oil Filtration Machine:

1. High processing efficiency, can quickly remove moisture, gas, impurities and volatiles (such as alcohol, gasoline, ammonia) in the oil.

2. Using international leading nano-molecular materials to flocculate harmful heavy metal ions and carbides to restore oil properties.

3. The polymer material is agglomerated and emulsified to separate the micro water molecules in the oil.

4. Completely remove the liquid water by double-pressure vacuum technology, and remove 100% free water and 80% dissolved water.

5. Three-in-one heat exchange device with air cooling, water cooling and medium condensation.

6. Infrared oil level control realizes unattended operation with online bridge of oil equipment.

7. For oils with excessive acid value, optional regenerative decolorizer can be used to reduce acid value and improve oil color.

8. It can be designed according to the needs of PLC automatic control, with touch screen dynamic display, can be networked with the computer to achieve high intelligence.

9. Various mechanical lubricating oils and hydraulic oils are purified and regenerated to improve the cleanliness of the oil, and to make the kinematic viscosity and flash point reach the national oil standard.

10. The lubricating oil and hydraulic oil treated by this Vacuum Lube Oil Purifier have low emulsifying value, very little water content and high impurity precision. It can be repeatedly used repeatedly in high-precision and hydraulic lubrication equipment at home and abroad to ensure the safe operation of equipment and reduce the production cost of enterprises.

The principle of Hydraulic Oil Cleaning:

When the Hydraulic Oil Cleaning Equipment is working, the oil passes through a special filter with a large amount of dirt to remove impurities. Using a special water separator and a personalized vacuum separator, the oleophilic hydrophobic technology and the "cavitation" principle are used, and the contact area of the oil in the vacuum separator is expanded hundreds of times, and the "air pocket" The system further increases the evaporation surface area of the oil, and the evaporation interface is continuously updated, which greatly increases the stroke of the oil in the vacuum system and the static water volatilization area, so that the water in the oil is low in heat, high in vacuum, large in surface, high in height. Rapid vaporization evaporation is obtained under the conditions of pumping speed and discharged by the vacuum system.

The water and gas discharged from the upper part of the vacuum separator are cooled and dehumidified step by step by the cooling system, and then discharged into the air by the vacuum pump.

The dry oil after vacuum dehydration in the vacuum separator of Lube Oil Purifier is raised from the negative pressure to the positive pressure by the oil pump. After the fine filtration, the clean oil is discharged from the outlet to complete the whole oil filtration process.

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