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Transformer Oil Purification Machine
Transformer Oil Purification Machines Installation and Repair - ACORE Oil Purifier April 23,2018.

We should know the structure and working principle of Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Machine before installation and repair, Following are detailed introduction:


ACORE DVTP Transformer Oil Purification Machine adopts oil-water separation technology combining thin film evaporation and drying. It is equipped with vacuum pumping system and heating system, and is equipped with high-efficiency degassing elements, so that the machine has the best dehydration function. The insulating oil is treated at room temperature and the performance index exceeds the national standard. The use of composite micro-filtration technology, strong pollution capacity, high filtration accuracy. Small and efficient, reliable operation, convenient movement, especially suitable for on-site treatment of insulating oil.

DVTP High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification System has three-dimensional flash evaporation and micro-gram technology, and adopts the impurity removal technology combined with mesh filtration and molecular adsorption. Its efficiency is 5-8 times higher than that of ordinary vacuum oil purification machine without any consumables.

High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Machine

Working Principle:

When Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification System is working, the oil enters the initial filter through the inlet under the influence of internal and external pressure difference, large particles of impurities are removed out, the oil is heated by multi-level infrared heating, and it enters a special personalized vacuum separator. The vacuum oil dehydrator first forms a mist and then forms a film, expanding the contact area in vacuum to a few hundred times that in the original. The moisture in the oil is under conditions of high heat, high vacuum, large surface, and high pumping speed. It is quickly vaporized and discharged by a vacuum pump system.

The water vapor discharged from the upper part of the vacuum oil dehydrator is first cooled and dehumidified by the condenser and then cooled again into the cooler. The condensed water is discharged into the water storage container, and the condensed and dehumidified gas is discharged into the air by a vacuum pump.

After Vacuum Oil Dehydrator, the transformer oil in the vacuum dehydrator is pumped from the negative pressure to the positive pressure through the oil pump. After fine filtration, the net oil is discharged from the oil outlet to complete the entire clean oil process.


Installation and Commissioning of Transformer Oil Purification Machine

1. Connect the inlet and outlet pipes.

2. Connect the three-phase four-wire power supply according to the total power of the machine, and make the steering of the fore pump, oil pump and Roots vacuum pump consistent with the arrow.

3. The first stage vacuum pump, roots pump and oil pump should be free from jamming and eccentric vibration.

4. check the oil, gas, water pipes should be no leakage.

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