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Transformer Oil Purification Machine
Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Processing Machine - ACORE Filtration Co.Ltd June 27,2018.

The Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Machine produced by ACORE Filtration Co.Ltd is suitable for dealing with transformer insulating oil by first heating system after passing through specifically designed coarse filtration system and then disclosing it to vacuum chamber which dehydrates and degasifies the oil to achieve subsequent improvements after filtration as new transformer oil standard for transformer oil purification process

. Dielectric strength

. Gas and moisture content

· Particles removing

· Acidity

· Tan Delta

ACORE Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Machine is produced according to ISO 6034-1989 and IEC. The purification processing is for high vacuum pressure, low temperature, micron filtration to get required performance.

High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Machine

The Transformer Oil Processing Plant will be mobile type mounted on 4 pneumatic tires with car towing and raising arrangement, or skids base as per requirement. The transformer oil purification processing plant will probably be weather proof and should be suitable for external use. The case is provided along with doors associated with cover, hinged upon fabricated framework work, perspectives and stations to have entry to operational handles and examination windows and so on.  The Transformer Oil Processing Plant would be enclosed and guarded against all conditions.

All components of transformer oil processing plant use adequate strength and stiffness to withstand regular conditions regarding handling transportation and utilization and will likely be free from sides to avoid problems for operating staff in standard conditions of usage. The design of the vacuum transformer oil purification machine will likely to be such that in case required part that are easily replaced. Suitable protection set up shall be supplied on almost all such components which because of their position as well as nature involving operation tend to be liable to accidents happen.

ACORE Transformer Oil Purification Processing Plant are generally higher vacuum sort consisting of large vacuum making system composed of high capacity rotary vane vacuum pump and mechanic booster pump, which produce high cleaner for degasifying dissolved gas and water contains contact form the transformer oil. The degasifying oil is heated to the required temperatures and then it really is filtered via specially micron filters such as coarse strainer, fine filter elements filtration. Oil will be sprayed away for degassing where fumes and humidity being engrossed in thought through excessive vacuum system. After dehydration and degassing process oil, oil is taken out by discharge pump through the degassing chamber under vacuum

The Transformer Oil Purification Processing Machine can be used for online and off-line filtration for various capability transformers.

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