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Turbine Oil Purifier
Turbine Oil Purifier Specifications and Maintennnce - ACORE Filtration Co.Ltd December 27,2018.

Operation Instruction of Vacuum Turbine Oil Purifier:

Connecting the oil pipe into and out of the oil pipe, turn on the power supply, connect the safety ground wire, check whether the circuits are connected reliably, and close the bleed valve and the oil inlet valve. Start the vacuum button first and observe if the pointer of the vacuum gauge moves. If you don't move, the power cord needs to be changed. When the vacuum is expressed to a negative pressure of 0.06Mpa, the oil inlet valve can be opened to enter the oil. When the oil reaches the oil level pipe 1/4, the oil discharge button is started. If the oil level keeps rising, remember that the filtered oil cannot be sucked into the vacuum pump. To avoid affecting the vacuum pressure of Turbine Oil Purifier, open the bleed valve to keep the vacuum at a negative pressure of 0.06-0.08, and then start the heating button. During the heating process, the temperature to be heated is set according to the degree of vacuum and the water saturation curve to heat the oil. When stop Turbine Oil Purifier, first turn off the heating button, wait for the oil to cycle for a few minutes and then turn off the vacuum and drain button, otherwise it will affect the service life of the heating tube. When working, if the pressure gauge reading ≥0.3Mpa, it means that there is more impurity on the filter element, and it is necessary to stop cleaning the filter element. After the work is completed, open the bleed valve to make the vacuum zero, otherwise it will affect the service life of the vacuum pump.

Common faults and troubleshooting methods of Turbine Oil Filtration Machine:

Vacuum does not meet technical requirements

1. The water content in the filtered oil is multi-vacuum pump to extract the gas containing too much water vapor

2. Due to the different altitudes of the place of use, it does not affect the change of vacuum under standard atmospheric pressure.

3. In the vacuum pump, the vacuum oil level is lower than the oil level line

4. Vacuum oil has a long water content due to long time

5. Sealing leaks at each joint

6. Vacuum pump wearing parts wear

1. It is a normal phenomenon and needs to be filtered multiple times.

2. It is a normal phenomenon to raise the temperature of the oil to make the water reach evaporation.

3. Increase vacuum oil

4. Need to change new oil

5. Check and repair

6. Replace consumables

The pressure is higher than 0.3Mpa during working conditions of Turbine Oil Filteration System

1. Oil pipe connecting Turbine Oil Purifier is too long to transport the oil level too high, the oil outlet valve is small or the pipe is too small

2. The filter has too much impurities

1. Change the working environment

2. Replace the filter

Vacuum pump injection of turbine oil filtration machine

1. The filtered oil has a lot of water and the oil is sucked into the vacuum pump.

2. The gasket inside the vacuum pump is displaced or damaged.

1. Replace the vacuum oil must not exceed the oil level line

2. Overheating

1. Temperature control does not match the thermometer

2. The heater burns out or the line is broken or the contactor is not sucked

3. Adjust the temperature control

4. Repair line replacement heater

The oil pump of Turbine Oil Purifier has no pressure and no oil

1. The primary filter is clogged

2. Oil drain pump oil seal leaks

3. The inlet pipe is blocked and sucked into the bottom of the cylinder

4. The inlet pipe is too thin or the suction path is too far

5. The nozzle hole in the vacuum tank is blocked

1. Cleaning the primary filter

2. Adjust the oil seal gland, such as invalid replacement oil seal

3. Replace fine filters

4. Improve the environment

5. Washing and washing

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