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Vacuum Drying & Oil Filling Procedure of Transformer Oil Filtration Machine November 28,2018.

Why Transformers should do vacuum drying and oil filling by Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Machine.

1. Vacuum drying is to prevent the body of the oil-immersed transformer from being vacuumed in the vacuum tank. Its purpose is to remove moisture and moisture from the insulation material more quickly and thoroughly.

2. Vacuum oil filling means that after the transformer body is assembled, the transformer tank is evacuated, and then the transformer oil is injected into the transformer. The purpose is to overflow the moisture, moisture and air in the transformer oil as much as possible. Prevent moisture or air bubbles from adversely affecting insulation.

3. Vacuum casting, this is the dry-type transformer process, which is to prevent the epoxy resin from being poured into the vacuum tank. It is similar to vacuum oiling, and it is also used to remove the air and moisture in the epoxy resin to prevent it from forming bubbles in the coil. Or a cavity that provides the insulation properties of the coil.

Advantages of oil filling of Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Plant

1. Greatly reducing the transformer oil and water content, thereby greatly enhancing the breakdown strength of the transformer oil, that is, reducing the oil gap distance of the body insulation, resulting in greatly reduced transformer design costs;

2. Due to the vacuum oil injection, the gas content in the fuel tank is small, so the pressure relief valve is lowered, and the probability of the gas relay operating ensures the normal operation of the transformer in the power grid.

Transformer Vacuum Drying by Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Machine

After all the accessories of the transformer are installed. Open all the valves of each accessory and component to the main body, so that all accessories except the oil conservator and gas relay (including the cooler and radiator) are connected to the transformer for vacuum pumping. If the oil conservator is designed in full vacuum, the oil conservator and gas relay are also vacuumed together.

Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Plant should install vacuum valve, isolation valve, and digital vacuum meter, then connect the vacuum pipe to close the vacuum valve and vacuum the pipe before vacuuming the tank to find out the vacuum that the vacuum pump system itself can achieve. The vacuum required for the entire vacuum system (including vacuum pumps, pipes, valves, vacuum gauges, etc.) should be less than 10 Pa. If greater than 10 Pa, the vacuum processing system should be inspected or repaired.

The leakage point of the transformer should be checked and trapped. If it is less than this leak rate, the Vacuum Pump Set of transformer oil filtration machine is turned on to continue vacuuming. This vacuum (133 pa) was maintained under the condition that the vacuum pump set continued to operate. The vacuum is maintained for not less than 24 hours. It should be pointed out that if the vacuum pump set is stopped after the leak test to maintain the vacuum (static retention), it will not only affect the thorough removal of moisture, but also cause deep moisture in the local insulation in case of leakage.

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