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Transformer Oil Filtration Machine
Advantages of ACORE DVTP Transformer Oil Filtration Machine October 16,2018.

Following is introduction of advantages of DVTP Transformer Oil Filtration Machine from ACORE Filtration Co. Ltd, which can help customers choose right equipment.

1. International IEC electric standards, the breakdown voltage can be up to 50 KV after one pass filtration process to reduce oil aging damage caused by repeated heating.

2. The two stages high vacuum pumping system can meet the requirements of the vacuum drying of the transformers in the field of installation or maintenance, and at the same time complete vacuum degassing and dehydration treatment of the transformer oil greatly reduce water content.

3. The Vacuum Oil Dehydration and Degassing System uses large-area composite three-dimensional flashing technology, can quickly and effectively remove water, gas and volatile components in oil.

4. High precision transformer oil filtration system, multi-stage filtration, grading and encryption, can effectively remove mechanical impurities in oil, high-quality filter materials, corrosion resistance, good mechanical strength and durability.

5. Safe and reliable aviation materials plus far infrared heating system to optimize pipeline design and avoid carbonization of oil.

6. Digital display intelligent temperature controller overcomes the traditional index type temperature controller can only set a heating point, the upper and lower limits can be set at 20~80 °C, which can display the instantaneous temperature of the oil more intuitively.

7. Sensitive automatic pressure protection device, infrared liquid level control system, oil inlet and heating interlock system, constitute the whole chain safety protection system, easy to operate, safe and reliable. Automatic control, man-machine separation operation.

8. DVTP Transformer Oil Filtration Machine adopts automatic PLC controlling system supply easy operation, no special training.

High Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Machine

For the oil-immersed transformer, even the new transformer is used for 1-2 years, the transformer oil must be purified by Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Machine to remove impurities, moisture, and harmful gases (mainly hydrogen-based gases), so that the used oil can reach new oil standards and reused. This also saves energy and production costs.

Precaution for live transformers before the online filtration process of Transformer Oil Purification Machine

1. The insulation resistance must be measured.

2. Do not touch before the transformer is charged or discharged.

3. Prevent the reverse power transmission to the transformer and the transformer to send power to the busbar in operation.

4. Maintenance personnel should wear insulated shoes and wear insulated gloves for operation.

The life of ACORE DVTP Transformer Oil Filtration Machine is 20 to 30 years, which is one-time investment and bring long time benefit, good performance.

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