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Lubricating Oil Purifier
Waste Lubricating Oil Purifier April 17,2017.

The VLF Waste Lubricating Oil Purifier provides proprietors, operators as well as crews having a simple, economical and effective method for sustaining LO high quality, meeting industrial lube essential oil cleanliness specifications.


The actual VLF Lube oil Purifier is really a reputed remedy for keeping LO top quality. The cleaner is set up off-line, much like for example the centrifuge, other than all facets of installing, working and preserving are much more standard. The Lubricating Oil Purifier can be attached to both 4- and two stroke motors. Our trustworthiness and traditions goes back a lot more than 6 years, but the theory of procedure remains exactly the same, except the actual fitted pump motor now offers clean necessary oil 24/7/365. In addition, with the brand new line-up and also selection of inserts we can cope with higher moves, better sanitation, with reduced consumption of filtration system inserts and may therefore become fitted upon bigger machines than before.

· Reduced LO consumption

· Easy operation/maintenance

· Energy saving because of no heating system requirements

· No sludge

· Easy installation

· Flexible design

· Proven track record

· Small footprint

· Density independent

· High dirt capability

· Reduced put on on components

· Lower emissions

VLF Lube Oil Purifier

Whether or not for re-fit or newbuilding, the VLF Lube Oil Purifier will have gained itself inside the first yr of operations, compared to some other means of cleansing the lubrication oil.

In case installed on newbuildings, the cost savings on associated installation expenses compared to additional means of cleanup the lubricant oil is actually substantial. The particular VLF Lubricating Oil Purifier will be uncomplicated to keep, so boat crew is not going to benefit from functioning the unit with little maintenance, additionally the ship owner will certainly experience decreased operational fees for retaining lube olive oil clean along with dry.

The VLF Waste Lube Oil Purifier can provide 500-18000 l/h of clean, dried out lube acrylic, enabling functioning on substantial engines. Having a filtration ranking of 3/0, 8 micron and associated with water in addition to varnish/soot, the particular Oil Filtration System Inserts slow up the wear in engine elements. The simple style means ease of maintenance and easy operation without having sludge creation. Being an off-line solution, the caliber of lube crude oil is unequaled.

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