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Development and Challenge Of Oil Purifiers Industry

April 25,2017.

In last few years, manufacturing industry of Oil Purifiers in Chongqing, China developed very fast, from several companies increase to hundreds of companies now, the product from the initial development of several thousands of species. Variety of Oil Purifiers are used in machinery, metallurgy, mining, petroleum, chemical, power, transportation, railway and other major areas, the quality of products and equipment in the stable win, continuous development and improvement of innovation. Driven by the development of the new era, the Oil Filtration industry is to break the traditional, positive innovation, in order to usher in the development of new opportunities for oil purifiers.

In the era of scientific and technological innovation, development of oil filtration machine there are many problems: First, the company of oil filtration machine, but are not scale, which led to the same industry, low-cost promotional competition is fierce, leading to oil filter industry product quality does not increase. Second, the state of the industry policy of oil purifier is not perfect, which led to brand confusion, business operating costs, slow return of funds, resulting in vicious competition. Third, the rapid development of various industries, oil filtration industry can’t keep up with the technical capacity, which led to a wide range of customer requirements, oil purifier companies difficult to adapt is not the beat. Fourth, the strong impact of foreign brands, foreign brands are big brands and domestic small scale enterprises are small, which led to the ability to not compete.

In the challenges of these grim problems, the industry of oil filtration machine would have to ponder, to develop or to maintain the status quo, if the status quo then what is the next, is eliminated by the times. So what should we do? We should plan a new development ideas, and create a new situation. Our peers should do more communication between the exchange, to understand the current development trend of the oil purifiers. This is the courage to have long-term vision and bold business together to cope with the current development of the impact of flooder, mutual support, go hand in hand, usher in the development of new trends in oil filtration machine. We should not only develop in China, we have to take the international road, pay attention to "the amount of" accumulation at the same time should pay more attention to "quality" to improve the international market to establish our own brand, to enhance their visibility, Brand-oriented international strategy, through the international market as a strategy for the development of space is accelerating the implementation and progress. In order to adapt to the global economic integration situation, the operation of the global brand, Ding can choose to rely on domestic, take the international road, international strategy at the same time to achieve international quality, international technology, market and colleagues to develop a new situation in the development of oil purifier.

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