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Factors Affecting Filter Life of Oil Filtration System

April 25,2017.

The service life of the filter cartridge is an important problem in the actual hydraulic system, especially in the high pollution conditions, the failure of the hydraulic oil filtration system and the resulting hydraulic system failure is particularly prominent. So what factors affect the life of hydraulic oil filter elements?

First, the pollution analysis of filter elements:

It is important to ensure that the hydraulic system is operated at the target cleanliness level after the determination of the target cleanliness level of the hydraulic oil system. The essential cleanliness necessary for the hydraulic system is to avoid component wear due to system contamination and to extend the life of the hydraulic system. The higher the cleanliness level, the higher the filter accuracy of the selected filter element, and the greater the number of filter elements (equivalent to the life of the filter element), resulting in an increase in the use cost; the lower the cleanliness level, the lower Low filtration accuracy of the filter, so that the number of filters to replace the oil filter less (equivalent to the filter life extension), and vice versa will increase the hydraulic system safety hidden danger, the point of view, the hydraulic system target cleanliness level indirect To determine the filter cartridge filter life.


1. The actual vacuum oil filtration system failure is the main reason for the high rate of pollution intrusion. The high pollution invade rate increases the burden of the oil filter cartridge, shortening the filter life. The greater the degree of pollution of hydraulic oil, the smaller the life of the filter. To avoid the filter due to hydraulic oil pollution and reduce filter life, the key is to strictly limit the hydraulic system will enter the path of environmental pollution. Care should be taken to ensure that the open ports remain covered or blocked, and that the components are disassembled and reassembled in a location that is protected from excessive airborne dust and contamination.

Second, the filter material

2. Filter selection: in the selection of the original filter can be used when the filter can also use the second-line brand. It should be noted that: the selected filter to acceptance, to test whether it should meet the performance indicators. The thickness of the filter material, anti-tension, the original into the oil resistance, filtration and other requirements. High-end hydraulic oil vacuum filter oil filter accuracy of 0.5-1μm, the general common hydraulic oil filter oil filter 3-5μm, while the other common lubricating oil filter is 10-15μm.

(2) Performance test of filter elements

① Flow - resistance (pressure drop) test to measure oil flow pressure loss (flow - resistance or flow - pressure sub-curve curve).

② The original filtration efficiency test can calculate the efficiency of dust filter impurities, the normal filter dust removal rate should be 99% or more.

③ Storage impurity capacity test and cumulative efficiency test, the filter dust accumulation of impurities caused by excessive blockage, oil resistance increases. So that the power down the oil filter 5% or 5% increase in energy consumption when the oil resistance is a limit to achieve this value must be cleaned or replaced filter. Test, the resistance of the oil or pressure drop to 0.3-0.5mpa when the product is the impurity accumulation rate of impurities in the filter capacity, and in this period of the filter efficiency is the cumulative efficiency of the test.

④ resistance to the original oil into the oil resistance test-0.085mpa rated oil through the filter into the but very small, the outlet pressure) should not exceed 0.5mpa, the filter power will drop, it is recommended that oil resistance -0.085 Mpa when the oil through the filter to reduce the pressure drop at the oil outlet of more than 0.5mpa the best replacement of the filter unit filter.

Changing of filter elements:

3.1. Every time you change the oil filter oil filter? Filter in the vacuum oil filter can play a big role, for which we consulted the oil experts. Experts stressed: for hydraulic oil must be replaced filter.

3.2. Each time you replace the hydraulic oil must be replaced APL75X ¢ 30X168X50u APL- ¢ 75X ¢ 30X168X20u APL- ¢ 75X ¢ 30X168X0.5u - that is, stainless steel and fine filter core. Filter after a long period of time after the use of its filtration efficiency will decline, through the filter hydraulic oil pressure will increase. Hydraulic oil will pass through the pressure filter, but at this time into the hydraulic oil without filtering, will cause pollutants into the oil, the increase in mechanical wear. Therefore, the filter filter in the oil filter plays a vital role in the hydraulic oil impurities and contaminated particles, will be filtered through the filter is blocked. In this way, the oil into the oil is very clean, so you can effectively prevent the metal particles caused by impurities in the hydraulic components of abrasive wear.

3.3. If only the new hydraulic oil is replaced without replacing the oil filter cartridge, 1/5 of the contaminants in the old filter will re-enter the hydraulic oil circulation, which not only increases the chance of wear, but also reduces the use of new hydraulic oil performance. To ensure better performance of the vacuum oil filter and to ensure the hydraulic oil cleanliness to meet the requirements of the hydraulic system, the replacement of the filter cartridge filter is necessary

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