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Purification of High Voltage Transformer Oil

April 29,2017.

For treatment of 500KV-1000KV high voltage, ultra-high voltage transformer oil, we recommend our DVTP double stages High Vacuum Plant Purification Of Transformer Oil, it is widely used in various types of large-scale transformer equipment installation and maintenance, and also for purification of high-grade new oil, imported oil. DVTP adopts double stages dehydration and degassing vessel, which can improve dielectric strength soon. Meanwhile, it can be used as a separate vacuum source of vacuum pumping and vacuum oiling.


1. DVTP double stages High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Plant use vacuum separation, mechanical precision filtration, molecular adsorption, vacuum drying and spiral spray atomization control to remove oil moisture, impurities, free carbon, acid value, colloid and other contaminants.

2. Comparing with VTP single stage transformer oil purification plant, DVTP adopts vane vacuum pump with roots vacuum pump, two-stage vacuum separation technology, three-dimensional separation tower system, infrared progressive scan automatic control system and rapid evaporation system. The speed of the dehydration and degassing is much quick.

3. The use of German Leybold vacuum pump and roots pump can quickly improve the vacuum pressure. The control interlock protection device, over-voltage alarm shutdown protection and phase sequence protection to ensure a reliable long-term operation of the machine

4. Automatic pressure alarm shutdown system, automatic overload protection system, automatic constant temperature system, automatic defoaming system, automatic fuel injection protection ensure the long-term safe working.

5. Multi-level precision filter elements can remove all impurities more than 1 micron.

6. Technical specifications after treatment by DVTP Transformer Oil Purification Plant

A. One pass: water content: ≤ 50mg / L, gas content: ≤ 5%, breakdown voltage: ≥35KV

B. Second pass: water content: ≤ 10mg / L, gas content: ≤ 0.1% (volume), breakdown voltage: ≥ 50KV

C. Three pass: ≤5-10ppm, Residual gas: ≤0.01%, breakdown voltage: ≥60KV

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