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How Choose Vacuum Oil Purification System

August 16,2017.

Acore Filtration Corporation gives following suggestion for choosing a suitable Vacuum Oil Purification System

1. Oil Filtration Machine is mainly used to purify unqualified oil to prevent contaminants from entering the lubricating oil. As the lubricating oil to prevent the purification of less investment, wide benefits, many users to improve the standard of lube oil with purification.


2. Re-purification: The lubricating oil mixed with water, gas, mechanical impurities and other pollutants, resulting in oil performance failure; but the composition of the lubricating oil has not changed, there is no deterioration of deterioration. Dehydration, degassing, impurities removing can restore the quality and performance of lubricants. This is the re-purification of contaminated lubricants. Most of the existing oil filter is designed for re-purification of oil filtration machine.


3. The lubricating oil has been red, black, began to aging deterioration, but the corresponding indicators of excessive aging is not large, you can use Oil Purification System to restore the performance of lubricants. As it can directly restore the performance of scrapped lubricants and can also be used to prevent the deterioration of the aging of lubricating oil by purification, so although the use of Oil Purification System is wildly used.


4. The depth of deterioration of the lubricating oil to restore the performance of new oil, similar to the process with the refining, so called re-refining. Due to the depth of the degradation of lubricating oil scattered refining the cost is too high, so the construction of the user will waste oil recycling companies to recover.


According to usage and further clarify the following questions:

(A) The lubricating oil to be treated is corrosive and other special properties;

(B) The main pollution components in lubricating oil

(C) The required lubricating oil eligibility criteria;

(D) The number of lubricants that need to be purified;

(E) How to prepare the use of oil filters, such as online installation, mobile filter oil, maintenance and spare;


Quality Warranty from Acore Filtration Corporation:

(1) ACORE’s product warranty for 2 years, the implementation of three guarantees during the warranty period, the warranty period of quality problems are the company's after-sales service department is responsible for, and accessories free of charge.

(2) After the goods sent by our company free installation and training for the user training operators.

(3) ACORE is responsible for the transport to the designated location of the demand side, the cost borne by the supplier.

(4) Long-term concessions to provide spare parts, if the equipment any help, the supplier within 8 hours to make a technical response, 48 hours to the scene to exclude.

(5) Long-term free technical advice, if the technological innovation, the supplier free of charge for the user to purchase the product system upgrade.


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