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Why Quality Of Purified Oil Is Not Good -ACORE Oil Filtration Machine

August 24,2017.

Oil Purifier Manufacturers should completely know the user’s requirement before recommending a model to user. Following is introduction that why the quality of oil is not good after filtration by Oil Filtration Machine.

1. Filtration Time Is Not Enough

For the serious pollution of oil needs repeatedly filter to achieve the desired results. Oil viscosity of the oil also need to be repeated filtration in the Oil Purifier, the oil fully heated to reduce viscosity in order to better remove the pollutants in oil.

2. Problems of Vacuum System

Vacuum requirements of Oil Filtration Machine is the basic conditions for the normal operation of the vacuum pump on the market, nominal working vacuum can reach 0.095MPa to meet the requirements of degassing and dehydration.

If the vacuum pressure of Oil Purifier meets the requirements of the insulating oil after more than several hours without intermittent degassing and dehydration, gas and water content will be significantly decreased.

When gas content is too much in the insulating oil, there is the bubble escape in vacuum chamber of Oil Purifier, this is because the atmospheric pressure of the insulating oil into the vacuum chamber, the vacuum chamber due to low pressure, Gas due to changes in pressure caused by decreased solubility in the oil, the gas will come off from the oil, this can help determine whether the oil filter leak.

3. The Heating System Works Not Well

Heating system is the auxiliary system in the Oil Purifier, can shorten the oil degassing time, if the heating system problems, ranging from slowing the speed of oil filtration, but will increase the oil hydrocarbon and hydrogen content, to extend the degassing time.

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