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Installation and Testing Of Waste Oil Purifier

April 25,2017.

Before running oil purifier we should do following preparations:

1. The waste oil purifier should be placed in a stable position on the flat ground.

2. Connecting power supply correctly and checking the running direction of motors of pumps.

3. Filling lube oil into the vacuum pump.

4. Starting the vacuum pump and oil pump and confirming non-jamming phenomenon.

5. When the vacuum gauge reaches set number, close the valves and stop the vacuum pump. Then check if there is vacuum leaking.


1. Connecting inlet and outlet oil pipes, closed valves which connecting air.

2. Start the vacuum pump, when the vacuum reached -0.08MP, Roots vacuum pump can start automatically and then open the inlet valve;

3. When the oil sucked into the vacuum tank, the liquid level reach the middle of the position, the oil pump can start automatically, open the outlet valve and start the heater.

4. During running of oil filtration machine, user can open sample valve to check quality of purified oil.

5. After finishing the purification, user should turn off the heater firstly, then close the vacuum pump and roots pump, closed inlet valve. After all oil in vacuum tank is pumped out, user can stop the oil pump. If oil pump of oil purifier stop automatically before oil is pumped out, user can start the oil pump manually.

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