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Frequency Conversion Technology of Transformer Oil Purification Plant

April 25,2017.

Converter of Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Plant adapts variable frequency technology and micro-electronics technology, by changing the frequency of the motor power supply to control the AC motor power. Converter is mainly composed of the rectification (AC variable DC), filter, inverter (DC variable AC), brake unit, drive unit, the detection unit and micro-processing unit.

Converter of Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Plant can reduce the impact of the power equipment. It will not cause too much difference between high and low voltage. It ensures the safe working of systems and improves the life time. Controlling the starting current of the motor to reduce the starting current sufficiently, it can reduce the maintenance cost of the motor.

Frequency converter oil filter can also reduce components wear of transformer oil purifier, while improving the stability of the oil purification system.

Controlling flow rate realizes energy-saving. When flow rate needs changing, converter can reduce the speed of the pump can meet the requirements. Reduce the motor running at full load and the excess torque on the active power consumption, reduce energy waste.

Reactive power not only increase the line loss and equipment heating, more important is the reduction of power factor led to the reduction of active power plant, a large number of reactive power consumption in the factory electricity lines which , Equipment use efficiency is low, a serious waste. The use of frequency control device, the inverter internal filter capacitor, thereby reducing the reactive power loss, an increase of factory active power lines.

Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Plant can control balance of in and out flow rate by converter. Now most of manufacturers use solenoid valve and vacuum pressure to control of balance of in and out flow rate. Sometimes, it will cause the problem of vacuum pump fuel injection and environmental pollution. Frequency conversion technology of Transformer Oil Purification Plant is automatic inter-locked balance control of inlet and outlet flow rate, which realizes the intelligent operation.

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