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Oil Leak Problem of Oil Filtration Machine and Solutions

April 25,2017.

According to oil filtration manufacturer introduce, when we in the use of oil filtration machine, sometime could meet the oil leak problem.Following is introductions of problem.

Oil filtration running oil always reason of follow causes:

1.Put the filter paper at not a correct place,not being put in a correct cavity,lead to the pipeline can’t being circulation very well.

2.There is much impurity mixed with oil,or the filter paper was broken and lead to blocking the oil pipe.

3.Filter oil pipeline was broken or the joint leakage.

4.Filter mesh blocking by impurity.

How to solve the problem of oil filtration system running oil:

1.Check the filter paper whether being set in correct place and put it for the filter cavity.

2.Wipe out the obstruction in the pipeline and filtering tank.

3.Connect the oil pipeline joints well or replace the filter tubing.

4.Clean the little impurity and obstruction on the filter mesh by clean oil or water.

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