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Oil Purification Plant Manufacturer of Turbine Lube Oil

March 9,2018.

Pollution control of turbine lube oils include reconcile production control and operation control. In the Turbine Oil Purification process, the use of filtration methods to remove solid impurities, while the operation of turbine oil pollution control, in addition to solid particles, but also to remove moisture.

Oil Purification Plant is mainly used for all kinds of gear oil, lubricating oil, insulating oil and other solid impurities special filter, especially ordinary oil purifier can’t do high viscosity oil filtration. This machine is more flexible and convenient than the vacuum oil purifier with high precision, wider use than ordinary pressure filter, long life, can be heated to reduce the consistency, do not need to be replaced Filter paper, filter high precision and stability.

Therefore, the Turbine Oil Purification Plant is widely used in electric power, manufacturing, automobile, railway, metallurgy, steel rolling, aviation, mining etc., and all the lubrication of liquid oil for deep filtration, but can’t filter ethanol, gasoline and other non-lubricating and flammable liquids.

When the Oil Purification Plant works, the contaminated oil enters the heater through the inlet under the atmospheric pressure of the outside atmosphere, the heated oil enters the primary filter, the large particle impurities are filtered out, and then the oil enters the water separator to be vacuum-separated Device, through the special divergence device. The diverging unit creates a large surface area per unit volume of oil, exposing the contaminated oil to a low relative humidity atmosphere, thereby removing water, air and gas from the oil.

Evaporated water vapor, gas mixture formed by the water tank and cooler condensate into liquid, together into the reservoir, the remaining gas was vacuum chamber. Remove the oil is the oil drain pump input fine filter to remove particulate impurities, is the purification of oil, to complete a purification process, according to the amount of water content, to be repeated several times to completely remove the water.

Turbine Oil Purification Dehydration Plant is widely used in power plant and all kinds of hydraulic, lubrication system of oil dehydration purification, which combines precision filtration and high efficiency dehydration, effectively remove emulsified water and particulate pollutants, coalescence separation and filtration are used in the filter structure, high efficiency, low operating costs. Mobile, fixed structure optional, mobile and flexible, easy to operate, full-featured, using a wide range.

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