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Plate and Frame Press Oil Filter Machine

May 21,2017.

Plate and frame press oil filter machine is designed for power plants, power plants, industrial and mining enterprises, lubricants warehouse, tractor station, oil, chemicals, metallurgy, defense units and other design, mainly used to purify transformer oil, switch oil, hydraulic oil, turbine oil, diesel fuel and other industrial oil containing the weak water and contaminated particles and suspended solids impurities, can also use stainless steel materials for filtration of cooking oil.


As a oil purifier manufacturer, Acore corporation can help user choose best suitable oil press filter machine: First: considering the oil factor. Factors affecting the selection of the oil filter: material filtration temperature and viscosity, physical and chemical properties, unit time processing capacity, the filtrate in the solid content.


We understand about the use of manual plate and frame pressure oil filter machine conditions:

1. The oil in the mechanical impurities in the sludge or dust or suspended solids relatively high.

2. The oil to be processed fluidity, can’t be too high viscosity gear oil,room temperature is not blocked or smooth oil is more suitable (if the viscosity is too large, you need to consider with heating device).

3. The working environment: one is to be processed, the oil temperature, 80 or so the most appropriate (mainly to see the liquid flow).


Plate and frame pressure oil filter machine mainly by the filter bed, oil pump and coarse filter and other components. According to the characteristics of oil, need to take into account the filter bed (that is, the formation of the filter bed and filter box material, is the need for polypropylene or cast iron plate material), whether the need for long-term durability, or whether the need for corrosion, Whether it is equipped with a coarse filter, etc.

If you are using the plant for a long time, depending on the oil you are dealing with, you will need to consider the consumable loss rate of the equipment. If you need to purchase more paper, filter paper punch and filter paper drying oven. Doing the preparatory work before use, it can avoid the lack of supplies lead to the impact of oil efficiency.

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