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Deterioration of Lubricating Oil and Solutions

May 24,2017.

The reason for the deterioration of the lubricating oil is that the stability of the base oil has a certain limit, and it deteriorates with the storage and use of time. The various additives that are added to improve the comprehensive performance of oil products are gradually consumed and deteriorated in the use. In general, the deterioration is slow, often requiring two years or more. The external cause is the deterioration of oil due to the mixing of water, dust and metal powder during storage and transportation.

Lubricating oil is used to lubricate positive, oblique, human, bevel gear and worm gear. It is divided into the following types: closed lubricating oil . Common lubricating oil  for the gear lubrication of the light duty. Extreme pressure lubricating oil  contains a multi-polar pressure and anti-wear agent, used for medium and heavy load or have impact load of gear lubrication, used in the metallurgical industry, are commonly used specifications of the American gear manufacturers association and the American iron and steel company. Open lubricating oil . High viscosity, strong adhesion. The use of heavy lubricating oil with asphalt or polymer adhesion agent is used to facilitate the use of heavy lubricant. The worm lubricating oil . Use refined oil lubricants or synthetic oils with a moderate amount of fat or oil.

Lubricating oil deterioration:

1.The color of the changes in the appearance is mixed, the emulsion is produced, the abrasive grain, the mechanical impurities and the sludge are obvious.

2.The viscosity changes of the viscosity change of the viscosity index are caused by mechanical shear, and the viscosity increases with the oxidation of oil and emulsified oil.

3.Acid value, changes in containing additives with high acid value oil, use the initial acid value shows that the consumption of additives, the late acid value increase is the result of acid oxidation products.

4.The performance of the anti-emulsification is increased. The hydrolysis of extreme pressure agent is lubricated and may appear to be corrosion and adhesion.

5.It is the result of the contamination of oil products in long-term use, oxidizing products of high temperature, and dust and other pollutants.


If the changes in the appearance of the gears change in color, the resulting emulsification will result in clear grinding, mechanical impurities and sludge. It is recommended to select the Oil Filtration Machine or Vacuum Oil Purifier. These two kinds of working principle of the vacuum machine adopts vacuum heating type, can directly handle lubricating oil in the working process of grinding grain, free water and emulsification water, gas, etc.; If crude oil additive without loss, through the device to filter out the oil can be used directly to repeat on the equipment, such as Vacuum Oil Purifier does not add any additives in the process of oil processing, so won't destroy the nature of the oil. It has a low investment, high economic value, and energy conservation and environmental protection, which has been trusted and recognized by many customers.

If the lubricating oil is processed by water and mechanical impurities, it is found that the acid value is still excessive, and it is proved that the oxidation of the lubricating oil is heavier. You need to cooperate to use fuller earth or alkaline PH neutralization process, clay regeneration device after purification by such a device, lubricating oil  acid value, not only will return to normal range, and oil will also be more oil than the color and grade, has greatly improved.

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