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Plate and Frame Press Oil Filtration Machine

July 5,2017.


Plate and frame press oil filtration machine is designed for power plants, power plants, industrial and mining enterprises substation (room) lubricating oil depot, tractor station, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, defense industry and other units, used to filter transformer oil, turbine oil, aviation Hydraulic and other liquids and impurities in the liquid.

Due to the restrictions on the gear structure, gasoline, kerosene and other non-lubricating oil is not applicable. When the oil is too much water, the oil can be heated first, so that part of the water after evaporation, such as oil is dirty, subject to treatment and then filter.


The main components of the structure of Plate and frame press oil filtration machine:


Plate and frame pressure oil filtration machine is composed of filter bed, oil pump and filter and other components of the mobile device.


The filter bed is a filter that can be operated continuously and filtered to the side under pressure. The filter bed consists of a set of alternately arranged filter plates and filter frames and a mechanism comprising a manual screw compression device and a compression plate. The filter plate and the side of the filter frame are supported by the "ear" on the pallet of the frame. The filter plate and the filter frame are lined with filter paper (or filter cloth) as the filter medium. By pressing the pressure of the pressing device, And the filter frame is pressed between the fixed thrust plate and the movable pressing plate to form a separate filter chamber which is filtered by a filter paper (or filter cloth) between the filter plate and the filter frame effect. In the filter plate and the corresponding position of the filter box is equipped with two through-hole, filtered through the filter chamber, from another corresponding channel (in the ear side of the fan) leads to clean oil. Filtered dirty oil through the input channel is assigned to the various filter box, through the filter paper will be impurity filter on the filter plate, and pooled in the output channel, the machine outside the machine. And the dirt remains on the surface of the filter paper, a small amount of water in the dirty oil is absorbed by the capillary in the filter paper. When the filter residue on the filter paper is gradually thickened and the moisture content in the filter paper increases, the filtration resistance increases, and when it increases to a certain extent 0.2 ~ 0.35Mpa) should stop filtering, replace the filter paper, continue to use.


Gear pump and motor with elastic rubber pad connection, in order to avoid excessive pressure caused by mechanical accidents, the lower part of the pump with a safety valve (the product has been adjusted to the provisions of the highest pressure value). The safety valve pressure can be set to a lower value according to the user's needs, but it is not allowed to adjust to exceed the specified maximum pressure value.

The oil pump and the electric motor are installed under the filter part, and the oil outputted by the oil pump is sent to the filter part through the discharge pipe and the thrust plate.


The oil pump gear is supported by a rolling bearing, which is lubricated by the oil pump itself. The coarse filter is installed at the suction end of the pump and its function is to prevent large particles from entering the oil pump and destroy the oil pump. Remove the filter cover, you can directly remove the filter cleaning, because the coarse filter if full of dirt, not only the ability to quickly decline in oil filtration, there may be damaged filter.

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